Saturday, January 15, 2005

Tartan Shorts 1

This is the first of an occasional (or regular?) series of briefs covering anything and everything that catches my eye. Suggestions for future information nuggets are very welcome.

Film of the week: “SIDEWAYS” A brilliant, low budget-looking effort about two guys who go off on a bachelor-week road trip to the wine country of Southern California. Good wine, good food, good humour, some heartbreak and an object lesson (if one was needed) on why it’s not big or clever to go running naked through an ostrich farm late at night!

TV plot teaser of the week: Abby in ER gets kidnapped at gunpoint by some rough looking gang dudes and shots are fired! Dun, Dun Dun!

News quote of the week: Republican Senator Rick Santorum, devout and devoted family man (obviously) and champion of the church’s traditional moral principles. Evolution, he says, can be taught in public schools but only as a still-controversial scientific theory that “has holes”.

and finally...
Child quote of the week: “So what else do you think we can melt with this lighter?”


At 26/1/05 8:49 pm, Blogger DC said...

Soapy the Plot Spoiler,
Now that I'm up and running - not literally you understand- there may be no stopping me- for which I apologise in advance.However as your official no.1 fan/stalker, I feel compelled to comment on all your blogs - Sideways is getting hot reviews - 2 boozy past -its driving thru wine country , it would have been a good chance for you to progess your career in movies ,with Big Al taking the other leading role. But of course you wouldn't want to be typecast !
Was your lighter involved in the melting incident?

Stay cool, DC


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