Thursday, May 25, 2006

De Do Do Do, De Blah Blah Blah

When he broke up the greatest band in the world, I believed him when he said that good music would continue to flow.

When he started hugging trees and appearing on talk shows alongside a half-naked man with a plate in his (the half-naked man’s) bottom lip, I defended him to nay-sayers by pointing out it was just a phase he was going through.

But my patience is starting to wear dangerously thin after receiving the following email from his website the other day.

In an exclusive interview with, Sting has revealed his latest project - an album of sixteenth century music performed on the lute. The album will be released in the autumn on the classical label Deutsche Grammophon.

Here's what Sting had to say about this unusual and exciting project...

“About two years ago Dominic [Miller] gave me a gift that he'd had made for me, a lute, a sixteenth century instrument with lots and lots of strings and I sort of became fascinated with it and immersed myself in the lute and lute music. It reminded of an interest I've had for a long time - for almost twenty five years - in the works of John Dowland. John Dowland was a sixteenth century English composer who wrote songs for the lute. He was really the first singer/songwriter that we know of and so a lot of us owe our living to this man. Then we met this guy Edin Karamazov who is a Bosnian lute player and we started discussing Dowland and the idea came up of recording some songs of his for an album.”

"That kind of frivolous idea became a reality and it's coming out in October on Deutsche Grammophon and I'm thrilled. It's a strange record, a delightful record and I think people will be intrigued by it. The album is voice and lute, there are a few four part harmonies that I sing and it's all music from the sixteenth century."

We will of course keep you up to date with more information on this release in the run up to its release this autumn.

I can hardly wait; although I have to admit that “intrigued by it” wasn’t the first emotion that came to mind.

Sweet Jesus man, track down your cahonees pronto and get the f#cking Police back together before I personally cut down what’s left of your precious rainforest. Seriously, I’ll do it. I’ve got a Swiss army knife and I’m not afraid to use it.

Oh, and if you’re reading this thinking, “Sweet Jesus, TWO - no, hang on a minute - THREE posts in the same week on this blog? Whit’s that aw aboot?” then prepare to have your jaw drop further still when I tell you that another post will appear here tomorrow. Bet you can hardly wait.


At 29/5/06 12:47 pm, Blogger DC said...

Lutes are the new rock & roll!

The album is, of course, entitled -
"Sixteenth Century Boy"


At 31/5/06 1:41 pm, Blogger Stuart Sutherland said...

Which all goes to prove that there's precious little distance between 'De do do do' and 'hey nonny blankin nonny '. Ex-yodeller to realase Lute album shock?



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