Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Tartan Shorts 2

TV plot teaser of the week: Oh dear! I really wanted “Joey”, the “Friends” spin-off, to be good but relocating him to Los Angeles and making him even dumber does not a sit-com make. Even the appearance of Drea de Matteo (the superb Adrianna from “The Sopranos”, who got ‘whacked’ last season) didn’t improve matters. Laugh? I almost started. Incidentally, all ten episodes of the 6th and final season of “The Sopranos” will not air until 2006.

Key West news story of the week: Bill and Hilary Clinton were in town on Saturday for a Democratic Party fundraiser, attendance at which was advertised at $1,000 a plate. My phone call enquiring, “Can’t I just bring my own and hover at the buffet?” fell on deaf ears.
In related news, a local survey asked 100 women if they would sleep with the former President. Almost all replied, “Nah, not a second time.”

Song of the week: “Message in a Bottle” by The Police. I heard it on the car radio and nearly mounted (no sniggering please Russell) the sidewalk in excitement. Still the greatest pop single, EVER! Find it, play it loud and let your spine tingle.

Curious State law of the week:
In Alabama, it is illegal for a driver to be blindfolded while operating a vehicle. N'uff said.

Child quote of the week (after the excitement of seeing kids take to the air during ‘Peter Pan’): “Do you think this hamster could fly?”


At 25/1/05 4:01 pm, Blogger McSporran said...

Golf subs due end of March.
Medals start April.
Update end

At 25/1/05 4:12 pm, Blogger luke said...

Hey, do you think the story in the Joey sitcom will try to make him out in the end as a sensible, honest guy, but hooking him up with his cute, blonde, air-headed neighbor?

At 25/1/05 4:35 pm, Blogger Neil said...

To be honest, I've only seen the one episode of Joey (snap-judging foreigner that I am) so I can't really comment. He was the best character in Friends cause his "dumbness" was occasional, not constant.

At 27/1/05 2:11 pm, Blogger Green Glass Beads said...

I always knew it would be shite (Joey, I mean). I mean, I love him, but only when he's in my house...erm, i mean surrounded by other people to make him look bad. That's why he works. Cos he is like my ex - a hunk and a dork. A dunk? A hork? hehehe....ah stoppih' i hear you say. NO I WON'T.
Am I the one who asked to about the kids?:)Burreh, you watch too much telly. I remember that from Peru. Receding into the room and snorkling away on the telly instead of sleeping - shockin...ever think of having your brain snipped so you don't need to sleep and can plug in straight?

At 4/2/05 11:18 am, Blogger DC said...

nice shorts!
Thank's for another "teaser", you'll be saving me money soon when I cancel my cable subscripton.

Greatest pop single EVER? Are you kidding- have you forgotten Green door by Shakin' (aka alkie) Stevens- man he really rocked the Glasgow Apollo - was it 1982?
I'm not sure that it was quite Rory or Quo standard , but Billy Bremner made a difference.

Cheers, DC


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