Monday, April 11, 2005

(Very Short) Tartan Shorts 9

Child quote of the week: After overhearing her parents discuss the death of John Paul II, my four-year old pal Megan enquired, “Was that the Popepourii?”

Birthday of the week: My good friend Gordon MacKinnon is 39 years old today and will no doubt be celebrating quietly with the family by taking a stroll through the grounds of his vast country estate. Although an avid Rangers fan, Gordon is a really nice guy and a much valued member of the victorious Myrtle Beach Ryder Cup winning side of 2004. With only 374 days to go until the next Ryder Cup in Arizona, Gordon has already impressed his captain with recent visits to the driving range. Have a good one pal and see you soon.


At 11/4/05 9:03 pm, Blogger DC said...


As a long time Celtic man, you do seem to associate with a lot of gentlemen with a keen interest in Rangers Football Club - is this normal?


At 28/4/05 10:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Classic! My brothers call him the Poke!


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