Saturday, April 02, 2005

To Do Or Not To Do

Ah, the weekend. A time to relax, sleep in, watch sport, get some fresh air and perhaps grab a few beers down the pub supplemented by a couple of kebabs on the way home… one for me, one for my shirt. Before you know it, it’ll be Monday morning again and time to think of other things to do to fill the ‘working’ week.

One of the problems of being career challenged/“taking time off for me”/unemployed is that if you’re not careful or organised, time can slip away quickly, wasted and unused. It’s essential then to have a plan, a detailed design for life to enable you to find the right balance between selfless charity work, leisure time and long, hot baths.

The first thing I did on returning to Scotland a week ago was spend a whole evening compiling a comprehensive ‘to do’ list to ensure my days pass productively. As you can see below, I’ve set myself some pretty stretching goals and will be striving tirelessly over the coming weeks to ensure all tasks are completed and ticked off accordingly.

- Get haircut a
- Visit dentist
- Buy dental floss. a
- Visit Starbucks. a
- Vow never to go back to Starbucks in UK. a
- Visit Starbucks. a
- Do washing up (weekly). a
- Read operating manual for Dyson vacuum thingy.
- Play golf a
- Record scores on golf analysis spreadsheet. a
- Clean golf clubs. a
- Line up golf clubs up in perfect row by size to dry. a
- Wash and iron golfing attire. a
- Write about golf on weblog. a
- Enjoy spring weather by doing gardening.
- Go out cycling.
- Re-organise CD collection by genre and year of release. a
- Re-alpabetise CD collection. a
- Consider travelling again to escape crappy Scottish weather. a
- Write book about round-the-world trip.
- Write sample chapter for round-the-world book.
- Write chapter outline for round-the-world book.
- Write synopsis for round-the-world book.
- Find title for round-the-world book.
- Consider book-writing software.
- Research voice activated book-writing software. a
- Build website for summer golf outing.
- Ask brother to build website for summer golf outing. a
- Catch up on “ER” a
- Watch golf on Sky Sports. a
- Watch “Friends” omnibus every day at 5.00pm. a
- Catch up on “Desperate Housewives”
- Catch up on “24”
- Catch up on “Star Trek Enterprise”
- Try not to watch too much television.
- Consider computer dating.
- Consider computer chess. a
- Pay off existing credit cards.
- Consider getting new interest-free credit cards. a
- Contact Job Centre to obtain more free handouts from government.
- Phone everyone I know and get invited over for dinner/free lunches etc.
- Consider getting a job. a
- Have a lie down to recover from all the job/money concerns. a
- Decide whether to attend U2 gig in July or sell tickets for exorbitant amount on Ebay.
- Write new songs.
- Locate guitar in attic. a
- Learn how to tune guitar.
- Get band back together.
- Get record contract.
- Fight with bass player about excessive volume.
- Pursue solo career as result of musical differences.
- Rewrite ‘to do’ list for tomorrow.

Anyway, the golf’s coming on Sky Sports and I still haven’t had my Saturday bath yet. Where on earth does the time go?


At 2/4/05 7:56 pm, Blogger DC said...


hot news - I've got a loan of a semi accoustic bass - it looks pretty good - but you can hardly hear it !


At 3/4/05 12:24 am, Blogger Neil said...

What? You mean it only goes up to 11?

At 3/4/05 6:30 am, Blogger ropedncr said...

i didn't know you'd alpabetized your collection in the first place. how about around the world in 80 ways? good luck with the handouts.

At 4/4/05 6:04 am, Blogger carl said...

Jus' wait until you retire. I'm still LMAO with the many things I can find to do with my time!

At 4/4/05 12:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sounds like you need yet another cool, web-based service to keep your lists updated and, if you like, to share them with the world. Check out Ta-da lists at:

Yours, and still available for freelance work,


At 5/4/05 1:10 am, Blogger Neil said...

Did I hear you right? An on-line 'to do' list? A 'to do' list that's electronic? Garlic? Bread?
Your web geekdom is truly awesome but I think I'll have to pass on this one cos it'd defeat the purpose of rewriting the 'to do' list every night and hence giving me something to do.

At 5/4/05 9:04 am, Blogger DC said...


did I hear you right- volume that only goes to 11 - you ain't heard nothin' yet - obviously. You'll remember the classic Quo Blue for you 1976 etc & how I've got the remastered version - which I think means start the bass at 11 & keep going. Even I think it's too much !

Your Rock & roll future - just seen Sir Shakin' Stevens on GMTV & he'll be on Hit me Baby One more time this Sat - I thought he was past it when we saw him in Glasgow in 1982! Here's a suggestion to sex up your image - Shakin' Surlan & The Sensational Signals ( Original Line -up )? Don't know about Ron/ Doug E Grant. Lets Rock !!


At 6/4/05 2:47 pm, Blogger Green Glass Beads said...

What about visit Ireland? Yeesh! By the way, is DC's job in life to give you a hard time? You should give him that pint he's been gaspin' after if it is cos he does a by-our-lady good job of it!
p.s i recently alphabetised my CDs too but it makes no difference - they still sound the same.


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