Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Bloggies

Austin, Texas is one of the top five coolest cities in America (he says quickly to avoid offending friends and family in other parts of the States) and this week the city is hosting the South by Southwest Festival. The festival is a very cool gathering of very cool people showcasing very cool things in the fields of music, film and interactivity.

Being lucky enough to be in Austin this week with all of my very cool family celebrating the very cool engagement of my youngest brother Keith and his very cool fiancé Kathryn, it seemed fitting yesterday that I went along to attend The Bloggies, the 5th annual, self-proclaimed cream of award shows for blogs and bloggers.

With a fairly heightened sense of excitement and anticipation, I arrived at lunchtime at the massive convention centre in downtown Austin accompanied my other brother Stuart - website genius available for all types of freelance work. We were looking forward to seeing just what constituted the ‘cream’ of the blogging world but two hours later we emerged back on the streets somewhat pissing our panties.

Imagine if you will, a large room filled with 98% men, 98% of whom looked like Al from Al’s Toy Barn in “Toy Story 2” or the dude who runs the comic book store in “The Simpsons” or every employee at Blockbuster Video stores in the US. Guys dressed in dark, drab colours, with long greasy hair, goatee beards and a sort of satchel arrangement draped across their chests; guys who obviously don’t see enough sunlight or get enough exercise or have enough conversations with other members of their species. The freaks! How could they let themselves go to such a degree? It’s a disgrace! You’d never catch me…etc…etc….

Anyway, the whole awards ceremony started about 40 minutes later than advertised and consisted of a series of mumbling bloggers reading out the winners from an unending list of categories. For guys who clearly know a lot about technology, speaking into a microphone was obviously a bit of a stretch. They then handed out awards to the bloggers who had bothered to turn up and who they clearly knew intimately only to have the favour returned to them by those self-same winners a few minutes later.

Having said that, quite a few of the winning blogs seem to be excellent random rants about anything and everything so all concerned will instantly be my new best friends when I return to collect my Bloggies for Best New Blog and Best Travel Blog By A Blond 41-Year Old Scot at next year’s ceremony.

Judge for yourself with a selection of the winners below.

Weblog of the Year: http://www.boingboing.net/
Best British or Irish Weblog: http://www.plasticbag.org/
Best American Weblog: http://www.dooce.com/
Best Weblog Not Nominated http://www.neilwritestheworld.com/


At 16/3/05 3:06 pm, Blogger ropedncr said...

i used to live in austin. we moved away in july of last year. it's my favorite city in the world (at least among those i've been in (a fairly limited selection)). our son and daughter-in-law (who still live there) and my sister and brother-in-law (who don't) are busy running from film to film as i write. i have added neilwritesthe world to my favorites.

oh. and dooce is one of my favorite blogs.

At 17/3/05 8:52 am, Blogger DC said...


Did you heckle, embarrass yourself by stepping up to accept an award that wasn't yours , or anything else you're not letting on about ?

At 17/3/05 4:51 pm, Blogger McSporran said...

The question I want to know is how well you fitted in with the Kevin Smith wannabes......?

At 18/3/05 5:40 pm, Blogger Neil said...

I was Silent Bob so fitted in perfectly!

At 21/3/05 12:13 pm, Blogger Green Glass Beads said...

Things I hate about my flatmate used to be one of my favourites.
But it is odd, isn't it how blogs have taken off, when all they are is glorified online diaries. I had one for years and it was damned good, and then I had to go and change to a stupid weblog. Leaving all my admirers crying CRYING I TELL YOU!!!
snot fair
do i get best green glass snot?

At 21/3/05 12:19 pm, Blogger Neil said...

I'm gonna start a new blog called "Things I Hate About Things I Hate About My Flatmate". I think it's pish... simple and straightforward certainly but pish all the same.

You will always be best green snot.


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