Sunday, February 27, 2005

And The Oscars Went To...

Okay, so my finely honed, RHM© theory for forecasting Oscar winners is a steaming pile of poo; only four correct predictions (all the acting categories) out of six. Still, it’s a better ratio than Martin Scorsese who’s now 0 for 5, poor (good)fella.

To deflect the attention away from my own inadequacies, here’s a little Scottish Hollywood story* that I was reminded of last week.

Sean Connery’s agent phones him and tells him there’s a wonderful, new movie deal on the table; a potentially huge payday and working with a renowned director. All he asks is that Sean turns up at an audition the next day for tennish.

"Tennish?" replies Sir Sean. "I don't even own a racquet"

*©Graeme “Wee Man/Kirky” Kirk


At 28/2/05 4:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did I tell you that one? It's my favourite joke, and has been for a while...

At 2/3/05 10:53 am, Blogger DC said...


excellent joke- haven't heard it before- obviously not your own - but congratulations on at least reaching the punchline- and nailing it !



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