Wednesday, February 23, 2005

And The Oscar Goes To... Part 2

Its day 2 of the Oscar predictions and time to let the RHM© theory get it’s teeth, rottweiler-like, into the first of the acting categories.

Best Actor
Once I’d got over my hissy fit at the scandalous exclusion of Paul Giamatti’s wonderful performance in “Sideways”, this category was actually the most intriguing of the lot. Four of the five nominees subscribe faithfully to the RHM© philosophy, sometimes in more ways than one.

Leonardo de Caprio is edgy, twitchy and decidedly scratchy as hygiene-obsessed Howard Hughes in “The Aviator”.

Johnny Depp, as J.M. Barrie, sleeps his way through “Finding Neverland” with the handicap of an implausible Scottish accent.

Clint Eastwood plays Clint Eastwood in “Million Dollar Baby”.

I haven’t seen Don Cheadle in “Hotel Rwanda” but it’s a story set in far off Africaland so it’s never going to fly with the Academy voters.

And despite not having seen “Ray”, the RHM© theory says that Jamie Foxx will win best actor for his portrayal of blind, real-life, musical genius, Ray Charles.

Tomorrow, Best Actress.


At 2/3/05 5:00 pm, Blogger DC said...


Get over Sideways.

Leo de Capo - I know he must be about 30 but he always seems too young in films - he looked about 12 in Gangs of NYC- younger than he looked in A Boys Life.And his 'tache is poor.

Johnny Depp - I'm not allowed to say anything against The Deppster - however it's the only Oscar film I've seen. My enjoyment was spoiled by going to the Falkirk multi-plex when the schools were off & the attention span of the
12 year old Neds behind me was severely stretched - this isn't Pirates after all - so much so I had to have words & summon an attendant - by which time my attention span had been overstretched.What's the film about again?

Clint - he's Clint.

Don Cheadle - good accent in Ocean's 11 - does that count? I think he uses the same voice coach as Johnny D.

Jammie Fox - shoe-in.



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