Friday, February 18, 2005

Tartan Shorts 5

Film of the week: “Gregory’s Girl”
I consider it one of my most important childcare responsibilities to educate the boys in the best aspects of their cultural heritage so this week we’ve been watching one of the great films of all time, “Gregory’s Girl”.

It’s the American version of the film so all the dialogue has been dubbed, painfully, by posh, RADA actors to make the west of Scotland accent more palatable. Every “r” is rolled and every “t” tutted and sometimes it’s a bit like watching those school holiday classics, “The Flashing Blade”, “Robinson Crusoe”, “Belle and Sebastian” etc. where the mouths keep moving after the speaking has stopped.

Still, the important thing is that the boys loved it and the house is now resounding with “bella, bella”, “don’t touch the ravioli”, “can I borrow yer white jacket” and “aw that fuss o’er a bit a tit”.

Oh, and I didn’t let on that the sequel, “Gregory’s Two Girls” released some twenty years later, is a pile of shite.

Child quote of the week: “So Neil, back in your day… SLAP!... did your hair really look like that?”

Curious State law of the week: In Arkansas (pronounced 'Ar-Can-Saw'!), flirtation between men and women on the streets of Little Rock may result in a 30-day jail term. Should've gone to Caracas.


At 18/2/05 8:45 am, Blogger DC said...


Gregory's Girl was on the telly a couple of weeks ago - but she fell off !I dedicate this joke (?) to our dear friend the late Ronnie D.I think that the dubbed version may have an added cheese factor - I wonder how Chic Murray's " Go away small boys ", (or something to that effect),came out dubbed?

I'd agree that the original is best- I haven't seen the sequel- but then I suspect I'm not alone in this regard - not least because I feature in it in my only film role - yes it's true, the guy walking across the road when Gregory does an emergency stop,well who do you think it is ?

Question - Back in your day Neil,WHY did your hair look like that ?

Cheers ,


At 18/2/05 2:06 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Chic Murray was the only voice that wasn't dubbed. His accent was more Kelvinside than Cummernawl.

In the early 80s, I was still growing out the 78 World Cup perm!

By the way, Suzanne reckoned you looked like Andy, Mr "do you know how they make veal?", which I thought was spookily accurate.

At 19/2/05 10:36 pm, Anonymous Graeme said...


Everything I ever learned about pulling women (and therefore passed on to you) was as a direct result of Gregory's Girl. Growing up in Borrheid in the late 70s bore spooky similarities to Gregory's Cumbernauld. GG was indeed one of the finest movies ever made. You'll recall we met the geezer in the white jacket in Kavos?

At 20/2/05 3:20 am, Blogger Neil said...

I know! The boys were well impressed when I said we'd met a real, live Scottish movie star. Oh yeah, thanks for all the chick tips.


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