Thursday, February 03, 2005


Happy Birthday Donald, you auld git! 41 years old today and you don't look a day over 39. And you've still got all your own teeth, faculties and Status Quo vinyl LPs. That's some achievement boy. Hope you're having a real nice day now.


At 4/2/05 11:48 am, Blogger DC said...

I'm truely touched, humbled and indeed life affirmed.Thank's for mentioning my teeth, I'm proud of them and would like to thank my Dentist Mr Garstang for all his support over the years.I would also like , for the record, to say that I still have some of my own hair.

Hot News- Status Quo have just (31/01/05) re-released their classic 1970's LPs (re-mastered) on these fancy new CDs.Included is their third no1 album "Blue For You" from 1976, which is widely acknowledged as being their best ever. Featured are face melting rockers such as Mystery Song -wah wah wah, wah wah wah wahwah, Rain - dung a dung a dung a dung a dung a dung a dung dung, and also some other stuff.I think I'll dash out and buy it as a birthday treat, and, hang onto your shorts, play it on the "CD player" I've just bought for the car- getting into the 21st Century or what? My in-car stereogram eventually blew it's valves.

Thank's again pal- can't wait for my present to arrive- I think I'm really beginning to freak the Postie out!I WANT MY PRESENT NOW ! IKNOW YOU'VE GOT IT !




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