Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Groundhog Day

Its Groundhog Day today here in America; the day on which the residents of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania turn to a small, furry rodent creature with unfeasibly large front teeth, to predict the weather for the rest of winter.

The groundhog in question, Punxsutawney Phil, is around 120 years old and gets his longevity from taking a sip of a secret recipe, “groundhog punch”, every summer at the Groundhog Picnic. This magically gives him seven more years of life. (I swear I’m not making this stuff up.)

Every February 2nd at daybreak, Phil emerges from his burrow on Gobbler’s Knob (no sniggering please Russell) in front of thousands of followers from all over the world to deliver his prediction.

According to legend, if he sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter but if he doesn’t, there will be an early Spring. He then relays his observation to the Groundhog Club president in “groundhogese” (a language only understood by the current president of the Inner Circle) who translates the proclamation for the world.

So this morning, at approximately 7.31am Eastern Standard Time, Punxsutawney Phil spoke and the news wasn’t good. He saw his shadow, declared an extension to winter and was roundly booed by the thousands who had waited up to four hours to hear the outcome.

“Don’t shoot the messenger,” pleaded the top-hatted Club president, as the sound of triggers being cocked rattled around Gobbler’s Knob.

So there you have it. Six more weeks of those bitter and frigid, 70 degree temperatures here in Key West before the sweltering 80s and 90s take over in March.

Right, must get my day started… big breakfast, visit record store, lie on beach or in backyard pool…


At 2/2/05 3:52 pm, Blogger Green Glass Beads said...

Poor Russell - is he the man in the bush (hehehe)?
Gobbler's knob - dear god! That's it, I'm coming over for a laugh, and you'd better not go anywhere. Gotta find a sponsorer first though...

At 2/2/05 3:54 pm, Blogger Green Glass Beads said...

p.s. Just choked on my coffee and not entirely sure why, but very sure that it was highly embarressing, especially since I couldn't answer the phone...

At 2/2/05 9:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neil - Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day" is required comedic genius viewing. I've attached a link to the movie trailer.


At 4/2/05 10:01 pm, Blogger DC said...

A film I was going to watch , but thanks to yourgoodself , don't need to.



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