Friday, March 04, 2005

Tartan Shorts 6

Unnecessary radio panic of the week: In Florida, any change in the weather from the normal “scorchio” is big news. This week, I heard a local DJ on the car radio get very animated about a cold front that was moving in.

“Well, I’ve been keeping an eye on the temperature all afternoon,” he rattled off in a high pitched voice that hinted at one espresso too many. “Currently, we’re looking at 78 degrees in downtown Key West but with the wind chill, that’s gonna feel more like 74.”

Film of the week: I was going to choose “Hitch” a standard, Hollywood romantic comedy starring Will Smith that I really didn’t expect to like but it had more laugh-out-loud moments than I’ve seen in a long time. But then I went to see “Sideways” again so…

TV plot teaser of the week: After twelve years, the last ever episode of “NYPD Blue” was aired this week. Andy’s still angry, Greg’s still geeky and... excuse me... Bobby Simone comes back from the dead??? It’s “Dallas” all over again.

Ice cream flavour of the week: Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie… says it all really.

Curious State law of the week: In Washington, when two trains meet each other at a railroad crossing, each shall come to a full stop, and neither shall proceed until the other has gone.

Child quote of the week: “Nice? Don’t you mean hot?” (Kyle seeking clarification when my first attempt to describe, in neutral terms, the attributes of Agent Dana Scully in The X-Files produced a perplexed reaction.)

Birthday of the week: Kenny Dalglish is 54 years old today. Many happy returns and hail to the King.


At 4/3/05 2:38 pm, Blogger ropedncr said...

you continue to be a very good and very entertaining writer. i enjoy your blog very much. keep on trucking (god that dates me).

At 10/3/05 10:31 am, Blogger DC said...

What's" Sideways" about again ? Has it taken over Gregory's Girl as you're favourite ?

WARNING - there may be some hidden calories in your double choc fudge brownie full fat ice - also I was reading that Starbucks products may contain rather large amounts of hidden extras - be careful out there - or you may risk being excluded from the "Beautiful People Gang "


At 10/3/05 5:42 pm, Blogger Neil said...

"Sideways" is about two best friends who go drinking for a week. Sound good?

At 10/3/05 9:44 pm, Blogger DC said...


Just a week?

It might do .



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