Sunday, March 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Kieran

Kieran Poirier Campbell is twelve years old today. Yesterday, he partied late into the night with a few close friends at a private function hosted by popular, local Japanese restaurant Benihana, or The House of Flying Spitballs as it’s now known.

Resplendent in a navy ensemble from - where else - Old Navy, Kieran and his posse managed to avoid the paparazzi assembled outside the restaurant and were last seen heading out a back door with a couple of new friends plucked from an all-female birthday party at a neighbouring table.

Today he’s spending some quiet time relaxing with family around the pool at his Staples Avenue estate and will be guest of honour at a concert celebrating his life and achievements later tonight.


At 6/3/05 9:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kieran! You rock! I have enjoyed reading about you in Neil's blog. You sound like a great guy. Have a great year being 12.

Stuart Sutherland

At 6/3/05 10:35 pm, Blogger 123-I-Love-You said...

Oh, to be 12 again.

Sounds like a most excellent party.

At 10/3/05 10:21 am, Blogger DC said...

Soaps /Kieran,

Sounds like you had a right old blast - most excellent indeed.

Neil ,I trust you were on hand to apply any neccessary srong arm tactics to keep the press at a respectful distance, or act as a decoy. Not sure if you could pass for 12 though?


At 10/3/05 5:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"srong arm tactics"? Are you trying to say I wear Asian skirts?


At 10/3/05 9:42 pm, Blogger DC said...


I was tired & emotional at the time - & didn't have spellcheck- smratasre !



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