Friday, June 16, 2006

Just Click

Courtesy of my smart and sassy future sister-in-law Kathryn (who, in her cd collection, has Metallica next to the Dixie Chicks – don’t get me started on the alphabetisation crime in evidence here) sent me these very funny links the other day. I’m not clever enough to “embed” them in this website (in fact up until recently I thought the verb “embed” meant something completely different) so as the title says, just click. Oh and make sure your sound is on.

Click HERE No.1

Click HERE No. 2


At 16/6/06 1:13 am, Blogger The Other Half said...

is "embed" another thing i should stay away from asking you about neily?

At 16/6/06 9:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well now have seen you dancing on a golf course, but even you are thrown into shade by that second one. Love it.


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