Monday, May 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Big Al

A very happy birthday today to my (and the kiddies) pal, Big Al. (He's the one on the right with two, somewhat bloodshot eyes.) I’m sure the powers that be at would love to negotiate a lucrative Signals-type deal for the collected works of the Allan Hendry Band (I & II) so name your price and have a great day.


At 16/5/05 6:46 pm, Blogger DC said...


Warmest Birthday regards to Big Al - I wonder what his rules may be ?

I note that the gentlemen shown don't give the impression of being too sober - I'm sure Robbo would be impressed by such a dignified & sincere memorial.


At 16/5/05 9:25 pm, Blogger Neil said...

The gentleman on the left looks like he's just completed a hell of a deal selling the gentleman on the right a little bit of margarineuana.

At 17/5/05 7:38 pm, Blogger DC said...


How old's the balloon ?


At 17/5/05 8:17 pm, Blogger Neil said...

How long is a piece of string? Is the Pope a catholic? Are we just trading random, surreal questions or are you calling your best mate a balloon? If so, he's 41... just like you except three months younger.


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