Sunday, May 01, 2005

Problem Solved

Take a flight to Dallas. Hire a car. Head north on Interstate 35 to Oklahoma. Turn west on Interstate 40 at Oklahoma City. Cross the State line back into Texas. Continue on another 70 or so miles and you're there. THAT'S the f#cking way to Amarillo.


At 1/5/05 12:13 pm, Blogger DC said...


This very afternoon Mr Tony Christie is appearing live ,in-person at Big In Falkirk- that's if it's not flooded out !


At 2/5/05 3:49 am, Blogger carl said...

Did you make it by morning?

At 2/5/05 10:00 am, Blogger Neil said...

If making it there by morning (or any other time) would stop it being played on the radio here, I would crawl to Amarillo.

At 2/5/05 7:14 pm, Blogger carl said...

Dear Neil,
Well, at least you have you sense of humor to brighten the day. Twang, twang. Funny how that song manages to make it's way on the Classic Rock stations down thata way as well, eh?

At 2/5/05 10:20 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Believe it or not (and I don't) thanks to a re-release for charity purposes, that song has been Number 1 in the UK singles charts for the last 7 (seven) weeks!!! Now if only The Signals could find a worthy cause...

At 4/5/05 6:35 pm, Blogger carl said...

My wife points out, after reading how you got to Amarillo...had you been a woman, you would have asked for directions. Sheesh! She recommends that The Signals take up the cause of therapy for men who refuse to ask for directions. She also wants to know why your nickname is 'Soaps' and 'cuz' isn't gonna cut it with her. HELP!!!

At 4/5/05 10:46 pm, Blogger Neil said...

The Signals already have a full schedule dealing with the toilet seat up/toilet seat down affliction. As for 'Soaps', very good question... and one I'll answer in full tomorrow.


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