Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Another neilwritestheblog EXCLUSIVE!!!

After the runaway success (see below) of the neilwritestheworld line of sports-casual and leisurewear (in association with Danny from “The Kids From Fame”), the boffins in the neilwritestheworld R&D department are rumoured to have come up with another sure fire winner. Full details will be released at a press conference on Friday but a note found on the desk of Ned Suderlang, President and CEO, is alleged to have stated,

If any of they bastards from the media call, just say we’re all very excited about our sure fire winner that the R&D boffins come up with have.”

Other sources within the global conglomerate were unable to comment due to mouths full of pizza but speculation within the industry has ranged wildly from Starbucks takeover bids to Pizza Hut takeover bids. Rest assured, all of us at will be up early on Friday at the crack of ten to bring you the news as it happens or as told to us by someone more informed.


At 14/4/05 6:37 pm, Blogger carl said...

Two questions before I decide to make a purchase and further impress the women with my good taste in clothing...Where is the kilt-model wearing your EXCLUSIVE leisurewear? And can it go with any tartan available?

At 15/4/05 8:36 am, Blogger Neil said...

You're right, a kilt wearing model would've been a smart move, especially for the overseas market. We don't actually wear kilts all the time in Scotland but rest assured they go with ANY tartan.


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