Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Last Night I Had A 69...

...or would have done had I not bogeyed two of the par 3's. It sure is frustrating when you think you're going to enjoy a wonderful night full of magic numbers only to find out that your limp-wristed stroke lets you down. Pisser.

Anyway, the evening wasn't a complete disaster because hidden away in the late night scheduling of Channel 4 was a fantastic programme attempting to reunite the cast of “Grange Hill” circa 1986 to perform their top 5, anti-drug hit “Just Say No”.

For those unfamiliar with the work, “Grange Hill” was essential kids television viewing in the late 70s and 80s; the every day highs and lows of attending a typical UK High School. A bit like “Saved By The Bell” but without the canned laughter, or the geeky characters, or the fake beaches, or the crap acting. Actually, it was nothing like “Saved By The Bell” and it’s frequent hard-hitting storylines about bullying, obesity, drugs and strange things you could do with a curly-wurly often created much controversy within Thatcher’s Britain.

So it was great to see Zammo, Ziggy, Roland, Faye et all back together once again on stage in a night club karaokeing their way through “Just Say No” to an audience of drunk twenty somethings who had little or no clue who they were. Best of all was the revelation that when they went to America in 1986 to promote their anti-drugs campaign and meet Nancy Reagan at the White House, more than a couple of the teenage cast were already intimate with the wacky backy, the weed, the margarineuana or whatever the hell the correct young person’s vernacular should be. Yep, I sure am “down” wiv de kids y’all.


At 13/5/05 2:51 pm, Blogger DC said...


..and I thought it was Grange 'll..... I'll get you Tucker Jenkins/Soapy Surlan !



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