Sunday, September 25, 2005

If It's Sunday, It's Gotta Be...


Austin’s Zilker Park today hosted the final day of one of the country’s biggest live music festivals and oh my sweet Lord was it hot. I don’t mean pleasant-but-better-take-a-wee-jumper-for-later hot, but rather 108-freakin’-degrees-with-sweat-oozing-from-your-eyeballs-and-dustclouds-turning-your-boogers-to-black hot.

I shit you not, the crowded scene at sunset was like one of those famine-ravaged Ethiopian desert plains; an endless ocean of humanity of biblical proportions… although there was obviously a bit more Abercrombie & Fitch on show than is normally found in the fields outside Addis Ababa.

Despite the trying conditions though the music, on the whole, was excellent so here’s my truncated review.

Doves: Absolutely brilliant. In my humble opinion they have no weak songs and they can certainly deliver on stage despite playing to a lethargic, dehydrated, mid-afternoon audience. Should be much bigger than they already are.

The Bravery: Heard them in the distance and frankly nothing much to write ho….

Kaiser Chiefs: That ‘riot’ song is a pretty catchy number so it is. My toe was a-tappin’.

Arcade Fire: With their eclectic mix of genders and instruments, Chris Martin claims they’re the best band in the world. I couldn’t disagree more.

Franz Ferdinand: I’ve never understood the appeal of this band – just don’t get it at all. However, I’ve been told in the past that I should really see them play live so I was looking forward to the experience. Sure enough, I was surprised to discover that they are, in fact, even more unremarkable than I first thought. They’re just… I dunno… very, very ordinary and the singer (and I use that term loosely) must be tone deaf if the number of bum notes is anything to go by. Sorry, but they completely escape me. Answers on a postcard please.

Coldplay: Great songs, professionally delivered. Have evolved into the perfect stadium band whether they like it or not.


At 26/9/05 2:10 pm, Blogger Stuart Sutherland said...

Hey Neil,

Thanks for the reviews. Agree with you about the Doves and the Kaiser Chiefs. Couldn't disagree more about Coldplay. Your incredulity about the Franz Ferdinand boys is exactly how I'd describe my response to Coldplay. I just don't get em. However hard I try, I cannot fathom what they are about. I've seen FF live once and I thought that they were your top, very professional stadium band (just like your description of Coldplay). Tight, funny showmen with the balls to chop and change and tune just when you think you know where it's going. The rocked T in The Park to its boots last year. Anyway, any chance you could pick me up an ACL t-shirt for your nephew before you return?


At 26/9/05 2:54 pm, Blogger Neil said...

I think we have a Police v Jam vibe going on here... although I, of course, secretly admired Mr Wellar & Co, so you never know... miracles are possible.

At 26/9/05 6:22 pm, Anonymous Donna from Texas said...

I miss a couple of days of your blog and what happens? You actually come back to Texas! Now I've missed the chance to meet my very favorite Scottish newspaper columnist and blog author. Of course, you're about 230 miles from my house, but still...

Oh well, I hope you enjoyed the festival (sounds as if you did) and the golf (ditto). And I have to admit that even I, a native Texan, was cringing at the thought of the heat wave during ACL. I'm glad you survived it.

Your number 1 fan in Texas,

At 27/9/05 2:28 am, Blogger Green Glass Beads said...

Here, hang on - you in Texas now again? Right erm...anyway, Franz ferdinand. I dint used to like em much, but that song and video that goes " DO DOOOO, DO ya DO ya Want to...Go where I´ve never letchoo before..." well Neily, I´ve got to be honest and say I kind like it huge gobstoppingly mega-normous makes me laugh.
Free festivals abound at the moment it seems. Keep yer ear open for Cycle, and I agree wid yer bro on the auld Coldplay Vs Franzy. I used to really dislike them, but lately I kinda got into their songs a bit, but I still find them rather boring, especially to watch. Give me Ramstein anyday of the week.
P.S. Bon Jovi is on my telly daily.Should I be worried about the state of Catalunya?

At 27/9/05 3:32 pm, Blogger DC said...


Good to see you getting down with some of these modern bands - I particularly like Kaiser Chiefs - what about The Killers,The Hives, The Strokes. The Bees etc?
Shouldn't The Beardy Boys ZZ Top been playing at every music festival in Texas?

I don't particularly like Coldplay ( I can only stare at my belly button for so long before I need some brown rice salad to sustain me)FF on the other hand seem like they have a bit of a laugh - who cares about bum notes & stuff like that , AND there's a Scottish connection, AND they wear natty clothes( bit like La Vistas in the early 80's).

Keep rockin' y'all


At 27/9/05 3:51 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Donna - Isn't 230 miles your average commute/journey to the mall in this country?

Sai - Bon Jovi/Mullets/Barcelona - doesn't that compute?

DC - You say they were natty clothes but I say the Emperor has no clothes on whatsoever!

At 27/9/05 7:59 pm, Anonymous Donna from Texas said...


At least you didn't say "isn't 230 miles the length of your ranch/oilfield?"

Next time I'll make the drive and buy you a beer and a BBQ dinner!


At 27/9/05 9:19 pm, Blogger Stuart Sutherland said...

Hi Neil,

Neil, you wrote: "I think we have a Police v Jam vibe going on here ..."

Well, at least The Police v The Jam was a contest ... and a Champions League one at that.

FF vs Coldplay strikes me as more SPL or the Coca-Cola Championship with the 'Scottish Art Rockers' (as the tabloids call em) looking most likely to gain a European place / promotion.

Donald, you're spot on. Scottish guys looking sharp and larking around will always get my vote over just about anybody.


At 28/9/05 1:09 am, Blogger Green Glass Beads said...

i thought you were the authority on mullets.

At 28/9/05 6:04 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Sai, I AM!

At 29/9/05 12:36 am, Blogger Green Glass Beads said...

Does that mean you´ll be making a visit soon to help convert the rest of Barcelona?
I feel sorry for your garden. We had 2 great tornados here and lots of lightening storms. Looks like you got an escaped killer rabbit...


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