Friday, January 06, 2006

The Bloggies 2006

Last March, I was in the fine city of Austin Texas for a family gathering of whisky drinking and jaw-dropping kilt displays. By sheer good fortune, the South by Southwest Festival was on at the time so my technical genius brother Stuart (who is STILL available for all manner of freelance internet work) and I shook off our hangovers and went along to attend the annual Bloggies Awards ceremony. And what a riot it was – you can read all about it HERE.

Anyways (as Texans would say in that sweet, honey-dewed drawl of theirs), nominations for this year’s awards are now being accepted and it’s fascinating to see this mentioned on so many blogs I’ve visited this week.

As someone who avoids shameless self promotion at all costs, I thought I’d provide you with a little step by step guide on how to nominate your favourite blog in order that you can rightly celebrate and promote all those people (not me of course) who have kept you entertained and informed in the past year.

1. Go to
2. Find the relevant category for the blog you want to nominate. There seems to be something in the region of 5,000+ categories but an example might be – just pulling a random example from the top of my head – “most humorous weblog”.
3. Enter the first name and surname of the person you want to nominate. An example of a first name might be “Neil” and a surname could be “Sutherland”. Hypothetically.
4. Enter the relevant URL. God only knows what “URL” stands for but I think its got something to do with web address thingys, full of slashes and dots, so it might look a bit like
5. You’re not restricted to nominating your favourite blogger in only one category so if you find other categories that are relevant, knock yourself out.
6. Type in your email address at the bottom of the page.
7. Click where it says “Submit your nominations”.

And there you have it. Seven simple steps to celebrate all that is worthy and righteous in an uncertain world and to avoid you having to re-read the submission rules ten times like I had to do.


At 10/1/06 6:55 pm, Blogger The Other Half said...

are you trying to tell us something?

My New Blog!

At 11/1/06 7:34 pm, Blogger DC said...


Surely this could be simplified further - votes are at stake!


At 11/1/06 8:22 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Wendi - YES!

Donald - NO!


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