Saturday, January 14, 2006

Happy Birthday...

…to this blog.

One year ago today, this blog first saw the light of day and kicked off in explosive style with this insightful piece of writing HERE. Back then I was living (and definitely NOT working illegally) in Key West, Florida and knew nothing about technical stuff like the internet or websites or programming or URLs or how to switch on a video recorder. But things have certainly changed since then. Now I live in Scotland.

During its lifetime, this blog has swaggered its way through all manner of subjects, dispensing glib opinions and occasional bad fucking language without a thought for the reader or, indeed, the family of its owner. I’ve tried to pacify and rein it in of course, but it always seems to shrug its indignant shoulders at any suggestion of decency or common sense and then disappears to its room to get up to who knows what.

Tonight, it will be celebrating its birthday by wandering aimlessly round the streets in its new shell suit with its blog pals, swigging Buckfast and happy-slapping any weaker blogs that cross its path.

In its absence, it falls to me to thank everyone who’s visited over the past twelve months and I only hope it can stay out of jail long enough to see it through another year.

P.S. I’ve read “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” but I STILL don’t know when the word “its” should have an apostrophe or not. Anyone?


At 14/1/06 8:40 pm, Blogger The Other Half said...

happy birfffday! since i've moved mine like five times does that mean i get five blog birthday presents?

At 15/1/06 9:10 pm, Blogger DC said...


warmest birthday regards

I can't quite believe you don't know an "its" from an "it's".You being the man who checks for grammer mistakes before actually reading the content n'all!!!

Keep on blogging dude - STILL single?


At 15/1/06 10:49 pm, Blogger Stuart Sutherland said...

Congratulations! What a year of varied writing! Fuckin well done bro!

its = belonging to it (e.g. 'its logo is way cool', 'its layout is the work of a genius' etc) = a rare possessive which doesn't end in 's

(Don't ask me why many possessives end in 's or I might tell you the answer.)

it's = contraction of it is

nuff said

Happy Birthday Blog


At 15/1/06 11:22 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Wendi - Yes, five presents... as long as you still have a note of all the important dates?

Donald - It's 'grammar', NOT 'grammer'!

Stuart - Thanks for building it. You were right, they did indeed come.


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