Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Weekend Achievements 1

I’m making no apologies for being an uncle bore this week, such was the enjoyment of spending time with my four fun-loving nephews and one gorgeous niece over the weekend. There are many worthy achievements to tell you about not least of which was my restraint in NOT punching any of the stupid f#cking Cockneys clogging up the f#cking check-in/security lines at f#cking Gatwick airport last night after I’d spent two f#cking hours parked on the f#cking M25… deep breath Neil… 1, 2, 3…

Anyway, here’s a quick taster of things to come as we see cheeky cousins Tommy and Fraser happily playing with their trains together; not a remarkable achievement in itself such is their natural affinity for one another. What IS remarkable, of course, is the wonderful train track which their Uncle Neil built WITH HIS OWN FAIR HANDS! Tunnels, bridges, sheds, stations, loop-the-loops, overpriced sandwiches, gruff-mannered platform staff, ticket barriers – that baby has got the lot. Once I perfect my balloon animals and get a clown suit, my comprehensive consultancy service will be available to mange all of your child social engagement needs. (Book early to avoid the Christmas rush.)

Tomorrow: Tommy wins Nobel Prize and Amy goes flying.


At 24/10/06 9:13 pm, Blogger Lena said...

Ah, Neil. What a great pic and fab train track! It's one of the few things from my own kids' younger days that I haven't had the heart to hand down. Their wooden track and countless accessories seemed to be the only thing they played fairly with. Hardly any rows!

Oh and, I'll happily book you for my kid's next birthday party. He'll be 18 mind you, so you may have to practise a few balloon shapes other than animals........!


At 25/10/06 4:53 am, Blogger Kell said...

Very nice. They look very happy. And birthday parties could be a nice sideline for ya. Everyone needs a hobby.

At 25/10/06 8:54 pm, Blogger DC said...


Megan( my first-born) will be 18 next birthday, what would you suggest?

Obviously she's grown out of "Goin' oot & gettin' pished", so we would need something more imaginative.


At 27/10/06 8:42 am, Blogger Neil said...

The package for 18 year-olds includes music education (80s - good), grammar and speech (grunting - bad) and fashion tips; i.e how to respond to "you're no gawn oot dressed like THAT!"


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