Monday, October 16, 2006

I Lost My Heart In The Heat Of An Austin Night

Saturday night. The mean streets of Glasgow. Push through the throng of on-street smokers to enter the bar. Descend to the basement venue. Order a pint. Find a seat. Check my watch. When’s the last train home? Ryan Adams is singing ‘Come Pick Me Up’. Do I really wanna be here? Band test mic levels. Lights go down. “A-one, two, three…”

And we’re off… on the most unexpectedly enjoyable gig I’ve seen in years. I’m in Sauchiehall Street’s Nice ‘N Sleazy to see the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash (how good a combination of venue and artist is THAT?) courtesy of a hearty recommendation from my cool, sassy future sister-in-law Kathryn (you remember her?) and it turns out to be a memorable night of thumping and evocative dirty-rockin’ country, honky-tonk, blues fare.

The band are tighter than a Scottish gnat’s chuff with a padlocked wallet and they take you on a pulsating road trip – The Road To Bakersfield, California Sky, Radio Girl, Restless Heart, The Pride of Abilene, Austin Night (take it from me, these boys know what they’re singing about) – all standout landmarks from their latest album ‘Mile Markers’.

Loud bass player, handsome drummer, introverted guitarist with lightning fingers and stocky singer with acoustic guitar; I sit there hoping that this is exactly what it must have been like to see The Signals (you remember them?) at their peak.

A fantastic night all round (Scottish support The Gilded Angels were pretty good too) and my only disappointment was emerging into the night air to discover I wasn’t on Austin’s 4th street ready for another pint at The Ginger Man. Still, it’s only five and a half months till I go back. Until then… been there, seen ‘em, bought the CD and, especially for you Kathryn, bought the t-shirt too.


At 16/10/06 2:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the BSOJC wife-beater and the concert review! I'll trade you for a golf towel from the now bowl-eligible, ranked #23 Texas A&M Aggies.


At 18/10/06 2:46 pm, Blogger DC said...

On your 18th birthday, I am described as stocky. You now seem to be in that category.

Does this imply that we are both stocky, or that I have now graduated to a different level?

Not that I'm sensitive mind.



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