Saturday, October 07, 2006

50 First Dates

Before I go out today to do some heavy drinking so I can stagger along to the Scotland v France game at Hampden Park in the time-honoured manner, I have a question. You know how on some websites (banking, blogger, bigwhitebaps) you often have a user name/log on and a password? And you know how sometimes they give you the option to ‘save details’ or ‘remember me’ so that you can shave vital seconds off your log on world record attempt the next time you need to access them?

Well how come my computer seems to remember the details for three or four days but then seems to have its memory wiped on the fifth day almost as if it had never visited the site in the first place? I know there must be an easy answer out there but equally, I hope there might be somebody reading this who can save me the trouble of finding out for myself. (See earlier reference to busy heavy drinking schedule.)

So if you can shed some light on the problem I’d be much obliged. I’m guessing it has something to do with settings or cookies or Groundhog Day (hey, did I mention I met Bill Murray on Thursday?) but then again, it may not.


At 7/10/06 9:58 pm, Anonymous Peggy said...

Man! I wished that I knew you had met Bill Murray.


Nice meeting you today.



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