Friday, October 06, 2006

REALLY Spankin' The Penguin

It’s Friday and I’m sure we’ve all had a tough week (all this blogging and NOT ONE NAP) so today let’s have less words and more play. I know quite a few of you have spent many a frenzied hour in the past spanking your penguin in the office. But now it’s time to take the frenzinessationicity to a whole new level. I’ll post my attempt at a high score sometime over the weekend but meantime flex your wrist muscles and maintain a firm grip at all times as you play Spanking The Penguin – The Quentin Tarantino Director’s Cut.


At 6/10/06 7:49 pm, Blogger Gunnella said...

You evil evil man, now you have sitting here at 3 am spanking penguins in Tokyo ;-D

At 6/10/06 10:36 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Let me know your highest score

At 15/10/06 12:50 pm, Blogger Debby said...

Best Score:
Favorite Score:

I have screen shots of both that can be provided upon request :)


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