Sunday, October 01, 2006

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Day 1 of the October blogathon and because it’s Sunday, let’s start with something short and relaxing. (Especially since I played - and walked - 36 holes of golf yesterday and every muscle in my body is screaming “WHAT THE F#CK?”.)

For all you ladies in loving, co-habitative* relationships, I know you spend most Sundays being wooed and looked after by your thoughtful and considerate partners. No doubt he (she?) runs out for the papers and then returns breathless to rustle up a little light breakfast, presenting it to you in bed with an attractive floral decoration, a beaming smile and a pitch-perfect rendition of James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful”.

But while you’re floating away on a Sunday cloud of soft warm croissants and catchy melodies, have you ever wondered what this song is actually about? Australian comedian Tom Gleeson will explain all if you turn up your volume and click on these green words that are underlined

*The spell check thingy didn’t like this word I made up. And I now suspect that Microsoft has secretly introduced personalised, artificial intelligence into its Word application since the only suggested alternative was “hesitative”!


At 1/10/06 10:14 pm, Blogger Gordon said...

I'm sure there is a joke about "36 holes" in there somewhere...

At 2/10/06 12:29 pm, Blogger Neil said...

...only if you couple it up with "birdies".

At 2/10/06 9:26 pm, Blogger Lena said...

If my hesitant-cohabitee even TRIED (chance would be a fine thing!) to sing/play any James Blunt to me of a morning, he'd get whacked with his 'choice' tabloid and made eat his posy!

I enjoyed Tom Gleeson rendition of You're Beautiful. It's almost sufferable that way! It's Blunts '3 Wise men and their semi's by the sea' that need careful analysis!


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