Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Let Me Entertain You

And by “me” I mean, of course, Robbie Williams.

I know this is short notice but on Friday of this week (September 1st), ex-fat dancer from Take That Robbie Williams is strutting his not inconsiderable stuff at Hampden Park in Glasgow – the football stadium where we used to win games.

I’m attending the gig together with semi-close friends Bruce and Linda Clampett but – and here’s the really exciting bit – I have a spare ticket for sale if anyone’s interested. The cost is £50, the ticket is for a seat in the main stand and if you don’t want to sit beside me then I’m sure Bruce will be happy to swap and regale you with the story of how he beat me at golf recently.

With time a-pressin’ I will forgo the usual swimsuit parade section of the audition/ticket-selling process and we’ll just make it first come, first serve.

31/08/06 UPDATE: SOLD


At 30/8/06 9:45 am, Anonymous Deborah said...

Talking of Glasgow and golf .... I loved that Where the hell is Matt that you showed us the other day and then found this one :


for the golf story, listened to radio 4 reading of Andrew Greig's book where he played on all those golf links up in your neck of the woods.


At 30/8/06 10:13 am, Anonymous deborah said...

well you have to read to the end of the review to discover the one about golf, it is called'Preferred lies', have you read it yet?

At 30/8/06 11:02 am, Blogger Neil said...

I haven't read it yet Deborah / deborah but I know it's about a guy who returned to the game after a life threatening illness. If I remember correctly, it didn't get a great review in one of the papers recently. There's another one I want to read about a guy who hit a golf ball all the way across Mongolia. As you do.
Loved the underground thing.

At 31/8/06 8:01 pm, Blogger DC said...


Still single?


At 1/9/06 11:02 am, Blogger DC said...


Perhaps you could have a Dance -off with the former fat boy, followed by a Fat Dancer's Duet?



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