Monday, August 07, 2006

Two Go To Billycock Hill

If you’ve passed by this way before, you may remember that some time ago I was looking for a room mate. Ideally, the lucky lady would have been no stranger to a bikini and quite handy with a duster but as things turned out I couldn’t make up my mind between the hundreds of hopefuls that applied.

The search never ended however and after many months I have finally found someone with whom I can share my space and my love of constant snacking; someone who’s happy to let me be in control of the remote and who’s needs are minimal; someone, in short, who is the wind beneath my wings… or at the very least, the wind beneath my blanket.

Would you like to meet the lucky person…?

Are you sure…???

Okay, here it is then…

Scroll down a little bit more…

And meet…

(Apologies for the camera phone-quality pictures)

As you may have noticed, Hamish is a dog. To be a bit more specific, he is some type kind of collie. The type with a beard I think. His real owners are the Campbell family of Polmont, Falkirkshire who have selfishly gone on holiday to Bulgaria to drink themselves into a stupor. So for the next few days Hamish and I get to spend some quality time together.

Already today, we’ve enjoyed a long walk in the local country park and afterwards, we both had a right good scratch. Hamish loves to see his tennis ball get thrown across the fields but will then run in exactly the opposite direction to amuse himself with a twig instead. We didn’t meet many other people at the park so there was little incident to report. Although there was that one hairy moment when I fell down a well and Hamish had to run five miles to get help. Luckily, we can both laugh about it now. Ha, ha, ha.

As you can see below, we tucked into a hearty breakfast when we got home (The other bowl is mine. I’m a fast eater) and later today I can confidently predict that we’ll both enjoy an afternoon nap.

Tune in later this week for more adventures of A Boy And His Dog where we’ll no doubt foil some bad guys on a mystery island and still be home in time for cake and lashings of ginger beer.


At 7/8/06 10:10 pm, Blogger Lena said...

Hamish sounds like the ideal partner. He'll be happy to share in all bad habits, for the small price of running you riot and some grub - not to mention the endless affection and loyalty for the next few days......

Looking forward to episode 2. Just, ah, try to avoid any more wells and don't forget the pooper-scooper!

At 8/8/06 12:12 am, Blogger Green Glass Beads said...

I've heard of people's partners being called "dogs" before and am relieved to see yours truly is. Enjoy your quality time together. Maybe you can use the Daily Record for pooperscooperpaper?

At 22/8/06 1:18 pm, Blogger DC said...


Just got back - Hamish says you shouldn't have stolen his food.



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