Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Bruce: “So are you going to put THIS on your blog?”
Neil: “What?”
Bruce: “You know, the result.”
Neil: “What f#cking result?”
Bruce: “The fact that you invited me along to your lovely golf course for a game on the hottest day of the year, collected me at my door, chauffeured me through, lent me money when the ATM machine swallowed my card, played out of your skin to shoot 72 and still lost to me on the 18th green after missing a perfectly makeable six foot putt.”
Neil: “F#cker!”


At 22/7/06 11:59 am, Anonymous Bandito said...

Glad to see you're as magnanimous in defeat as ever. It reminds me of Boat of Garten, Pitlochry and oh how could we forget Taymouth Castle!


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