Friday, September 22, 2006


Closed for the Ryder Cup. Back next week…

…although just a quick word to say that if you watched the opening ceremony yesterday and admired the diplomacy of the Sky Sports presenters in stifling their giggles, this BBC blog sums up the whole thing rather nicely.


At 22/9/06 5:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I spotted your comment but did you spot mine?

At 23/9/06 9:25 am, Anonymous deborah said...

Hope this works, it is Martin Johnson, on the sports page Daily Telegraph and titled 'Friendly game which turned into monster'

and this from the Guardian :,,1879175,00.html
by Marina Hyde titled 'What Would Jesus Do? Maybe take a few tips from Tom Lehman

She quotes Henry Longhurst at the end, which made me remember a wonderful book, no doubt out of print now, with some of his articles, all very entertaining. It would keep you sane while job hunting .... Maybe called the best of, but I see on abe books there is another called the essential ..

He used to commentate on one of the holes at Augusta I think, and one of the articles I remember was that he was going through customs in South Africa somwhere and an American behind him heard his voice and said, 'why, you must be the man who does the commentary on the sixteenth .... '

You'll be able to correct me if you have the book!

At 25/9/06 10:52 am, Blogger Neil said...

Deborah - Interesting articles, thanks very much. I don't have the book you mention but I do know that Clive Clark was the Englishman who used to do the commentary at the 16th at Augusta. He'd had a hole-in-one there sometime in the dim and distant past but was promptly dumped from CBS in the mid 90s after someone else had one.

Sai - I spotted BOTH your comments!

At 25/9/06 11:14 am, Anonymous deborah said...

If you mixed Guiness and champagne too I suppose you might have a slight hangover today.
Hope your next post will be about your favourite golfers and favourite moments of the past three days.

At 25/9/06 12:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...,,1879799,00.html,,1879686,00.html

and two more from same source, you have read probably read them already. I could only watch a tv in a pub in Bordeaux, no sound as they kept music on, but it didn't matter, it seemed to be SKy and not BBC and they made the usual mistake of mostly following the glowering Woods around. Would have liked to have watched Olazabal yesterday.

Will look up Clive Clark. I tried to find your email address so as not to bore the world with golf stories but Contact only took me back here so sorry world.

At 25/9/06 9:45 pm, Blogger Gunnella said...

He he point taken will return later ;-D

At 26/9/06 8:02 pm, Blogger Lena said...

Well, I didn't read any of the above links as I'm not strictly a sports fan, but I was ousted out the only room with a widescreen for 4 or 5 days (why CAN'T you watch golf on a portable??) while the match was on telly. That besides, I live very near a golf course which often makes me a widow (and there's decorating to be done!!).
Anyhow, I did succumb and watch the very last holey-bit and was touched to tears when told the story of the actual Irish golf widower, and the emotion he'd shown when Europe won.

However, after being excluded from my sitting room, on day 1 I log on for some other form of entertainment and no one's here either!
Hope you're back soon Neil, Before the games a bogey......

At 26/9/06 8:55 pm, Blogger DC said...


Still snoozing?


At 27/9/06 12:43 am, Blogger Neil said...



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