Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What's The Secret?

Right boys, grab a hold of your paper and pencils (or your Personal Handheld Filofax Blacktooth Blueberry SatNav PDA Reminder thingys if you’re that way inclined) ‘cause you’re gonna want to remember this stellar advice surrounding the mysterious and (too?) often impenetrable world of male/female relations.

Some of you, no doubt, are convinced that the secret is to go out and splash a lot of your hard-earned cash on top notch jewellery or flowers or fragrant fragrances. This is fine, up to a point, but sooner or later she’s gonna wonder why you’re wearing a tiara and smell like a fresh summer meadow.

An alternative approach would be to try and impress her with your (tall?) tales of derring-do and precarious international travel…

“You heard right babe, I arrived at the remote paradise island WITHOUT HAVING PRE-BOOKED ANY ACCOMMODATION!”

…but there’s only a limited amount of mileage to be gained from telling the blah-blah bungy jump story for the umpteenth time.

So forget of all that bollocks and concentrate instead on the things that matter to HER. The talent for listening, I’ve discovered, is a key element in getting the results you want. You might also want to try ‘mirroring’ which is the fine art of looking at your own beautiful face in reflective glass all day because you don’t have a job to go to… eh no, hang on a minute, that’s a different kind of activity.

‘Mirroring” means using well trained body language to reflect and complement the moves and sounds of the person with whom you’re communicating. If she crosses her legs, go ahead and do the same. If she tells a joke, pretend it’s funny and laugh along with her. And if she sticks her finger up her nose for a right good ‘pick’, feel free to do likewise.

Remove any anxiety about “having to look cool all the time” and face up to the fact that this may often take you out of your comfort zone. Practice and hone these key behavioural skills and THAT, my friends, IS HOW YOU GET A GIRL TO SMILE.



At 5/9/06 3:02 pm, Blogger The Other Half said...

you realize she's just passing gas and her smile actually has nothing to do with you right neily?

At 5/9/06 10:24 pm, Anonymous Samantha said...

wow. i can't bring myself to look away.

At 6/9/06 11:41 am, Blogger DC said...

awww cute ....but who's that on the right-hand side?


At 6/9/06 2:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How beautiful is my niece! Nice to see you have been applying the psychology!




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