Friday, September 29, 2006

On Your Marks...

As promised on Wednesday, today sees the launch of an Exciting New Development which, if I’m totally honest, is neither ‘new’ (I tried it once before here) nor ‘a development’ since, as I’ve just mentioned, I tried it once before and it’ll probably be the same old guff as the last time.

However, with global warming extending the golf season right up to Christmas – thereby dulling any incentive I might have to find gainful employment – I’ve decided I need a project; a concentrated effort of concentration and determination to keep my eye on the ball and my mind active and alert and… Wow! Did you see the boobies on display on Aerobics Oz Style this morning? Man, those Sheilas are supple… sorry, what was I saying again? Oh yeah, a disciplined project and an active mind to stave off the inevitable onset of Whatshisnames Disease.

So, starting on Sunday I’m once again going to attempt to write/post/wantonly steal something for this blog every day for a whole calendar month which will make a grand total of… eh… “30 days hath September, April, June and the other one…31 consecutive days.

Amongst others, popular feature “Whit’s THAT Aw Aboot” will make a welcome return to analyse and dissect the important news items of the month. For example, we may take an in-depth look at why the world’s first penis transplant (I am not making this up!) did not go as planned recently in China. Something to do with the challenges facing those running the donor recruitment scheme perhaps?

We’ll also take a penetrating look at the world of popular culture with news, reviews and big name interviews and I thought it might be fun to perhaps dedicate one day a week to a list of some sort; something like Top Ten World Religions – “...and brand new this week, the Mormons cast out the Moslems from the No.5 slot” – might spark a lively debate.

Those of you who blog effortlessly every day have probably sighed, tutted and long since disappeared by now but for you other two readers, I really need some help with all this or else I’ll end up back in my bed for extensive napping before you can say “no-good, has-been, never-was layabout”. So please, if you think of any subject matter – big or small – on which you’d like to hear my glib and uninformed opinion, why not leave me a comment or send your suggestion to “It’s A Moo Point” at

Time then to pull on your stretchable lycra and lace up your Nikes for this blogathon (that’s ‘blog’ + ‘marathon’, gettit?) and let’s see how far we get. Meantime, I’m going back to bed to catch up on my reading...


At 30/9/06 5:18 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

No pressure, but where is Saturday's post?

At 1/10/06 9:31 am, Blogger Neil said...

"So, starting on Sunday...
...for a whole calendar month..."


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