Thursday, December 01, 2005

Baby I'm Ready To Go

On your marks? Ready? Aaaaaand… we’re off on the great sociological experiment of our time – which is, can I manage/be bothered to write something on this blog every day for a whole calendar month. Along the way we’ll no doubt be stopping at fascinating places such as Lonesome Town and Triviaville and we’ll be analysing and commenting on the burning issues of the day in a new feature entitled “Whit’s THAT Aw Aboot?” But more on that one tomorrow.

I thought we’d also partake in a few music, television and movie reviews over the coming weeks. For example, I saw that weird Meg Ryan film “In The Cut” the other night and absolutely hated it; DESPITE all the naughty bits. Whit’s THAT Aw Aboot? Sorry. Getting ahead of myself now and mixing up my new feature sections.

Of course there’s also scope to indulge in travel reports (don’t go to Lima!), recipes (pizza good), jokes (why is there no asprin in the jungle? cos the parrots eat ‘em all!), weather outlooks (Hurricane James made landfall last night and was downgraded to Hurricane Jim) and much, much more.

Please don’t be shy on offering your comments and feedback as we take this great journey together and if there’s any subject on which you’d like to hear my wise and learned opinion, then let me know and I’ll include it another exciting new section called “It’s A Moo Point – Like A Cow’s Opinion – It Doesn’t Matter – It’s Moo.”

Lest we forget, we’re embarking on this quest, this mission, this expedition, so that my good friend, young Dave “Poochie” Carruthers, has something to read in his spare/work time and will therefore avoid developing repetitive strain injury in his right wrist – he’s a big fan of Pro Evolution Soccer on the Commodore Xbox Game Boy thingy, so he tells me.

See you same time tomorrow. Hopefully.


At 1/12/05 3:40 pm, Blogger DC said...


what about trying some humour?

Q - What do you call 4 cabbages sitting in a row ?

A - A dual cabbageway !!!!


At 1/12/05 5:34 pm, Blogger The Other Half said...

your efforts in this endeavor are greatly appreciated. it's about time somebody make it their goal to entertain me ;-)~

At 1/12/05 7:59 pm, Anonymous AJ said...

Is it just me or is it only women who go for this colon ,brackets and squiggles sideways on crap ? Thats a question mark by the way.

At 1/12/05 11:54 pm, Blogger Neil said...

DC - Cheers mate, you stole the joke I was going to use on Sunday.

Wendi - I'll do my best but was your happy hour/s not entertaining?

AJ - Its just you. ;-)~


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