Saturday, November 19, 2005

This Time It's Personal

Somebody said something nice about me the other day (and NO Dave, I don’t mean you and that whole freaky, I-used-to-watch-you-when-you-were-sleeping-in-Myrtle-Beach malarkey that you insist on whispering to me in the canteen at work) and it’s taken me a couple of days to recover with the aid of smelling salts and a large quantity of Stella Artois.

But it got me thinking about a couple of blogging issues that, up until now, I’ve avoided like the plague. Incidentally, how CAN you avoid something like the plague? Doesn’t a plague, by its very nature, sweep through a community with such speed and absence of forewarning that it is… em… unavoidable? But I digress.

If, as a smart, internet-savvy person, you have already clicked on the nice pink words underlined above, you’ll have encountered the first of the issues to which I was referring. A perfect example of a well written, humourous/humorous, honest and open blog which, above all, is very personal.

I don’t really do personal (not exactly breaking news to some of you I’m sure) but perhaps I should? I wonder though, is that because it’s a laziness thing or a cultural thing or a male thing? Are the Scottish/British contingent among you recoiling in horror at the every thought while the rest of you bohemian Europeans and Americans are screaming “Go on Neil, SHARE... Dude.”?

Who knows. We’ll see. Until then, I’ll just keep it locked up tight in that safe, sanctity of a place, deep in the darkest recesses of my psyche secured by triple padlocks and a guard chain. It’s served me well up till now *twitch* especially during those three years in my youth that I spent locked in the cellar at home. Happy days.

The second blogging issue is the one about Links – placing a list of blogs on your site that you read regularly and like, in the hope that others will discover them also. There are two very good reasons that I haven’t done this.

1. I didn’t build this site so I don’t know how.
2. I lied about there being two reasons.

So if anyone can assist (in simple, easy to understand language, i.e English, NOT computer Elvish) I’d be very grateful.

And thank you Wendi for the “shout-out”, as I believe it’s sometimes referred to by the young people. As I said to you privately – WARNING: PERSONAL SENTENCE IMMINENT – the use of the word “smitten” in this day and age is a lovely thing to hear.

Oh, and if you’re reading this Mr. McLean, I strongly suggest Houston as the venue for the next blogmeet thingy.


At 20/11/05 1:14 am, Blogger doctorvee said...

Have you tried Blogrolling? Should be dead easy; just sign up and add the code in the same way as the Google ads.

At 20/11/05 1:54 am, Blogger The Other Half said...

now i'm blushing...

At 20/11/05 3:25 pm, Blogger DC said...


This is serious stuff especially when considered along with the supporting England thing.

The " doing personal" thing is a bit controversial. It is of course ok to do this after a couple of beers :

" I really love/hate you and always have " Is perfectly acceptable.

I recall Robbo's memorial, ( MC'd by your good self), where dispite encouragement , no-one from the auld skool stood up to tell interesting/ funny/touching stories of our times with Rob.Fast forward an hour and a few beers, you couldn't stop anyone
from telling the best stories ever.Scottish, male characteristics ?

Anyway , dispite your image of a being a Stella swigger of epic proportions , word on the mean streets of Lithgay Toon is that you enjoy a Malibou & pineapple with crushed ice of an evening.


At 20/11/05 8:13 pm, Blogger Ophelia Of Perfidia said...

As Wendi is always correct... I LOVE YOU, NEIL! You are like the second Neil I've said that to... Go Neil Cicieriga, LOL! KEEP BLOGGING!!!

At 21/11/05 9:22 am, Blogger DC said...


Let me say how sorry I am for the misspelling of Malibu. Both you and Mhairi( 14 years old ), & presumably all teenage girls know more about it than me.



At 21/11/05 11:22 pm, Blogger Stuart Sutherland said...


I'll sort you out, talk you through it, put some big signposts in the template so that you can edit it afterwards yourself and give you a little step by step and you'll be there in no time. Call me in a couple of days.


At 21/11/05 11:46 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Dr. V - Thanks for the tip although I didn't sort out the Google ads for this site and I started to get the shakes when you mentioned complicated words like "code".

Wendi - Did you lower eyes and bite your lip when you blushed?

Donald - That's the last time I buy you a Highland Park.

Willowrose - Thanks for dropping by. You sound, like, totally cool.

Stuart - That's the answer I was looking for.

At 22/11/05 8:35 pm, Anonymous ghost said...

go on, neil. share, dude.


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