Saturday, October 29, 2005

Things That Make You Brake Sharply

Have I told you about my wee brother before? No, not the technical genius one who designed this site (and others) and is available for all manner of freelance internet work - but the other one; the li’l iddy-biddy youngest one.

He lives in sin in Texas with his charming fiancé Kathryn, a southern girl with a penchant for Dr Pepper (diet) and crab claws, and he works in the market research business. (He was the one who told Nike that signing up Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods would be a step in the right direction.)

Anyway, I suspect he might be extending his sphere of influence back across the Atlantic if this Edinburgh billboard is anything to go by. Oh yeah, and his name is Keith.


At 29/10/05 11:49 am, Blogger DC said...


Keith works in Texas ? I thought he worked in Boots!!

Sorry about the 25 year old joke(?)


At 31/10/05 1:36 pm, Blogger The Other Half said...

dr. pepper...breakfast of champs here in texas...yeah, and we're chalk full of sin down here too...


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