Sunday, October 23, 2005

More Things That Make You Go Mmm

In the (very) cold light of day that is a wet, windy and miserable Scottish Sunday, I’ve been reviewing my rant from Friday and have decided I was quite wrong to say some of the things I did – it was, in fact, 14 straight days in a row that I worked, not 13 as stated, so apologies to those of you who took me too literally.

While I’m at it, I should probably also say that I was probably as much to blame for the near punching incident at the football last Monday as anyone else. So when the teams “square up” again tomorrow evening, I’m sure everything will be all sweetness and light. Probably.

To all you sensitive Ipod Nano owners who threatened to kick me up and down the football park on FRIDAY night (even although you were on MY team) I’m quite sure you don’t flaunt your digital music desires like the arse I saw on the train last week.

And to all of you involved in the train/railway station debacles, I thank you for giving me a starter for ten for my newspaper column this week but you still make me want to shout “F#CK RIGHT OFF!”


At 27/10/05 10:41 am, Blogger DC said...


14, did I hear you right 14? That's like 3 months work !

What's an i-pod nano ?


At 28/10/05 12:00 am, Blogger Neil said...


An i-pod nano is a serious offence on the planet Orc... where Mork comes from.



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