Sunday, November 27, 2005

More Output, Less Input

So there I was in the pub with the boys on Friday night discussing important national issues like the life and death of George Best and listing nostalgic Christmas presents from the dim and distant past.

For example, who remembers the Chuck Connors Tin Can Alley rifle range? Or those oh-so-realistic TV adverts for the Evel Knievel stunt rider where he always landed perfectly and never fell off - only £69.99 (batteries not included)? Or the Action Man with the all-new vice like grip (it gets lonely out in the field) – AND real facial hair? Or the classic board games Microdot and Escape from Colditz? Or the Gola football kits that came complete in a handy cardboard suitcase type thing (boots not included)?

I could go on and on but I’ll cut straight to the sad plight of one of my drinking buddies who was looking a little forlorn on Friday night. Young Dave “Poochie” Carruthers was a stalwart of last year’s golfing glory in Myrtle Beach (if you clicked on “the boys” above, he’s the one on the left exposing his white, well moisturised flesh) but for complicated financial reasons he won’t be making the rematch in Arizona next April.

Dave sidled up to me half way through the evening and with that wistful, girlish sigh of his said, “Hey Edge. How come you no write much on that blog thing no more? Every morning I click on it hoping to read something new but it’s just the same old crap about your sad, single life. I get enough of that at home mate.”

After giving him a sharp clip round the ear I pondered his question awhile and have now decided to try and mend my ways. So starting this coming Thursday I’m going to embark on a little experiment. Especially for you Pooch, I will attempt to write something every day for the whole month of December; 31 days to be exact; a veritable literary advent calendar if you will… with seven extra days.

This may involve me foregoing some of my evening meals but the sacrifice will be worth it I’m sure. If it turns out to be more of the “same old crap” then you’ll only have yourself to blame mate.

Oh, and I wasn’t going to tell you this but those two Scouse pals of Bruce’s thought you were very cute. We refrained from telling them about your “gym membership” (lycra not included).


At 28/11/05 1:04 pm, Blogger DC said...


let me get this - you're going to write someting everyday in December AND try & not do "the same old crap". Surely this could strain your creative energy . So, I would suggest that you give the quality control more of a miss than usual. I presume there must be some kind of a bet involved.


At 28/11/05 4:22 pm, Blogger The Other Half said...

well, i can't wait to see what you have in store for us! ;-)~ you should have come to was beautiful...although celebrating our thanksgiving is probably not on the top of your list of things to do, eh?

At 29/11/05 11:02 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Celebrating your Thanksgiving is very much at the top of my list of things to do. In all the times I've visited the States I've never been during November. A holiday where I can wear my Joey pants and eat non stop? What's NOT to be thankful for?


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