Monday, October 02, 2006

Public Service Announcement

It’s conference season here in the UK where like-minded people of particular persuasions come together to socialise, debate issues and watch their leaders squirm and smile uncomfortably as they share the same stage together.

This coming Saturday (October 7th), after the Conservative Party have wound up four days of talks about their new logo (a squiggly tree - for p#ssing up against, no doubt.), the main event of the season will take place at the luxury Radisson SAS Hotel in the heart of Glasgow. The gathering will uproot people worldwide from behind their keyboards and screens and bring them together for an eagerly anticipated celebration of quality internet prose and strong Belgian beer.

Guinness-loving Clan Chief™ Gordon McLean is expected to deliver a rousing keynote speech in which he’ll outline his plans for bringing a diverse range of exotic drinks to the table without spilling a drop. The much revered leader has endured a challenging year at the helm but drew admiration from followers and media alike when he refused to drag his tribe into an anticipated bloody conflict with the Trainspotters and Stamp Collectors; the so-called “axis of evil”.

Conference festivities will kick off at 2.00pm on Saturday and full details and directions are available here at the clan website.


At 2/10/06 10:06 pm, Blogger Gordon said...

A speech?

Ohh balls.

At 2/10/06 10:25 pm, Anonymous deborah said...

I'm trying to work out the exact time of meeting so I can drink to your health etc over here in France.

Thanks to your Clan Chief link I found the above which I loved.

And love from your fan number one, I'll be clocking in every day! Very good idea for the non-stop blogging, it will definitely help the DT's in this neck of the woods, especially when Lesley has writer's block.


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