Monday, October 09, 2006

Sacré Bleu…

… or rather, F#CK ME, to give it its more literal Scottish translation… what a weekend!

If you haven’t already heard (probably because you work for the BBC in London) the Scottish national football team beat France 1-0 in Glasgow on Saturday to become World Champions* and I was there to see it. It’s hard to put into context just how unexpected this result was but let’s just say that I had more chance of coming home to find Angelina Jolie and Gillian Anderson rustling up home-made pizzas in my kitchen wearing nothing but beaming smiles and a light dusting of flour and begging me never to leave the house ever again. (I’ll give you a second while you picture that…) It almost makes me want to fly to Africa and adopt a baby so he/she can grow up and produce some grandkids to whom I will eventually be able to say, “I WAS THERE!”

Glasgow was the place to be on Saturday and by good fortune I was able to enjoy pre and post match drinks with an entertaining group of people who somehow manage to maintain and update their own blogs whilst training full time for the Professional Drinking World Championships. If I had the technical know-how, I’d create links to their sites down the side of this page but since I don’t, you can find a list of them (and others) here. Cheers Gordon for organising and by the way, can you believe we beat France 1-0?

And finally… while I’m waiting to secure a proper job of some description I’ve decided to take up a part-time, self-employed position in the public relations industry. My official title is Scottish Media Slut and things got off to a flying start last Thursday when my name was read out by former Scottish rugby player John Beattie on Radio Scotland in reference to the fact that I’d managed to come up with the wrong answer to a phone-in/text-in competition question. Later that same day, I turned my hand to television and made a memorable appearance on Sky Sports when Colin Montgomerie’s second shot to the 9th hole at Kingsbarns ended up running over my toes. And yesterday, I returned to my old stomping ground in the publishing world when the Scotland on Sunday printed a letter I’d submitted about their Ryder Cup coverage.

Later this week you can catch me in the new Scorcese thriller “Things To Do In Linlithgow When You’re Unemployed” and, although I shouldn’t say too much at the moment, I’d recommend getting your hands on the November issue of Hello magazine to find out what Gillian, Angelina and I REALLY get up to in the kitchen.



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