Monday, June 06, 2005

Make A Difference Today - Update 1

Since I launched a personal crusade on Friday to do my bit to end world poverty, the response has been overwhelming. Frenzied bidding by avid cookie collectors and general do-gooders is now taking place elsewhere on the internet and the good news is that you still have seven full days remaining to get involved. To do so, just click here on these blue words that are underlined and away you go. As St. Bob would say, “Don’t go the feckin pub tonight. Give me the feckin money. People are dying NOW!”

In related news, there’s a very good chance that I’m going to be up at Gleneagles during the last week in June, one week before the G8 summit begins. Full reports of the security checks, troop movements and suspension of civil liberties to follow in due course.


At 11/6/05 12:16 pm, Blogger DC said...


watched Sir Bob on telly last night- I struggle whether to admire him or think he's an arse.

more importantly - will overwhelming public pressure ensure Status Quo a place ? I think the original lineup( or at least john Coghlan - best Rock & Roll drummer in the world)should be involved.

At 11/6/05 12:30 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Yeah, I saw him too. He was okay, I thought, although Jonathan Ross was a bit of an arse. And the interview with Teri Hatcher was spectacular if you muted the sound.

At 11/6/05 12:55 pm, Blogger DC said...


I don't believe she eats as much as she made out- looks like she needs a few pies & Old Jocks to me.


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