Friday, June 03, 2005

Make A Difference Today

“EUREKA!” screamed some old Greek dude once upon a time, leaping from his bath in the process because the water was scalding hot. He’d just chanced upon the earth shattering theory that running some cold water in the bath first would temper the hot stuff and reduce steam on the mirrors in the process. Outstanding.

Stumbling across genius can be like that sometimes. An answer to a problem seems so simple and obvious that you end up feeling like a bit of a dick for not thinking of it earlier. In reviewing some of my writing this week (not that I was meticulously searching for spelling, grammar, punctuation or formatting errors on an hourly basis or anything) I realised that two separate and, on the surface, unconnected posts could seamlessly come together and take the first small step to solving some of the world’s ills.

The best thing about this revelation is that you, the reader, can get involved, make a difference, take a stand, light a flaming torch and, quite literally, throw in your two penneth worth.

All you have to do is click on the words below that make up the phrase “these are the words I was talking about” which are in a slightly different colour and underlined. (This is some fancy internet link thing that I just worked out how to do yesterday. “Eureka,” I yelped when I tried it for the first time.) You will then be transported to another part of the internet galaxy and will be off and running on your whirlwind adventure.

Ready to make a difference? Packed a spare pair of underwear? Cancelled the milk and papers? Then grab your mouse, hover the cursor to about here and click on these are the words I was talking about. May the force etc…


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