Friday, June 10, 2005

Tartan Shorts 10

Film Of The Week: “Sin City” - Stylish, graphic, cheesy, violent, funny and most importantly, completely different from anything else around. Go see it now but guys, make sure you get a seat with enough room to cross your legs at the more.. eh.. tender moments.

TV Sit Com Of The Decade: “Scrubs” – This is consistently the funniest, laugh-out-loud television programme on television bar none. Every one of the characters is perfectly observed and like M*A*S*H* (when it was aired in the UK) the absence of any canned laughter makes it all the more brilliant. Which reminds me, I really must get round to seeing “Garden State”… or ask my pal Andy to burn me an illegal copy. Allegedly.

Album Of The Week: This is a tough one because I really like “JackInABox” the third album from Turin Brakes. It’s full of breezy, effortless, summer pop songs compiled with jangly guitars and memorable harmonies. But I’m going to be predictable and choose “X&Y” by Coldplay. Much anticipated and hyped, it exceeded my already high expectations. There’s not a duff song on the record and its soaring anthems are likely to see them knock U2 from the biggest band in the world pedestal by the end of the year.

Book Of The Week: “Sam” – The autobiography of European Ryder Cup winning captain Sam Torrance is a funny and at times, emotional trawl through his 30+ year career as a professional golfer. And did I mention he captained a winning European Ryder Cup side?

Internet Bargain Of The Week: You’ve only got until Monday morning to make a difference and get your hands on a rare treat so click here on these green words that are underlined to ensure you don’t miss out.

Quote Of The Week: I was reading a review of a new book full of memorable quotations and this Tony Blair gem just leapt off the page. “A day like today is not a day for sound bites. But I feel the hand of history on our shoulder."

Birthday Of The Week: My daddy is seventy years young today and is off to Pitlochry for a romantic weekend to celebrate with my mummy. Here he is last year (standing on the right) at the magnificent Kingsbarns Golf Course playing a celebrity match with Shrek and Woody from “Cheers”.


At 11/6/05 12:18 pm, Blogger DC said...

Dear Kit Kat seller,

will the products be good for this coming festive season?


At 11/6/05 12:27 pm, Blogger Neil said...

They'll be 'good' in the sense that you can give them as gifts rather than eat them yourself.

At 11/6/05 12:52 pm, Blogger DC said...

thank's for that.

I think you have missed aTV highlight of the week. Only afew minutes ago I witnessed the truely awesome" High Fidelity" performed by the Kids from Fame on VH1 top 100 songs fom the movies - number 98(I wonder what could've possibly been even worse? ). Who was that poncing about with a bass guitar ? yip ......Danny !!!!!



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