Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Market Research Consumer Survey Type Thing 2

So here’s the dilemma… my employer, Scotland’s largest selling daily newspaper The Daily Record, have only gone and given their website a right good overhaul and as a result are now publishing my weekly column on-line. You can see it if you click here on these red words that are underlined but please feel free to ignore the ridiculous photograph – I was young(er) and I needed the money.

So, should I bother taking up space on this blog by reproducing the columns here in all their unedited glory (i.e. with sweary words and everything) as I’ve been doing these past few weeks? Or should I just direct you to the Daily Record website every Tuesday to read it for yourselves? I can’t decide so I’m throwing it over to you, the much valued reader(s) to let you have your say.

To ensure the most effective use of your precious time, all you have to do is simply choose a number from the options below and type it into a comment box. I thank you in advance.

1. Oh please Neil, continue to post your majestic column (snigger) on this blog because it means I only have to visit one site to satisfy all my comedy and information needs.

2. I am big and clever enough to find the Daily Record website all on my own if I so wish and anyway, you’re only posting the column on this blog to fill up space because you can’t think of anything original to write. Please desist from this practice immediately. Oh, and bring back National Service. And birching.

3. I couldn’t give a flying f#ck either way what you do because I stumbled across this site while searching for “large white baps” and I won’t be passing this way ever again.


At 31/8/05 5:35 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

Oh please Neilly baby, keep on giving us the red words that are underlined.
PS. Where's the photo? I see no photo.

At 31/8/05 8:07 pm, Blogger Neil said...

The red words that are underlined link straight past the photos to the all important words of wisdom. So you have to click on 'columnists' and then force yourself to scroll down far enough past Ally McCoist.

At 1/9/05 11:03 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Number 1. Copy it here. Those of us who have emigrated can't get the paper too easily and won't always remember to go to the Daily Record site. And anyway you can't add comments to the pieces on the Daily Record site cos they're just sooo 'old media' playing at being 'new media'. And now that you've got a job and less time to nap and think your big thoughts, you need something to fill up the blog with anyway. Kepp it here.


At 1/9/05 7:57 pm, Blogger DC said...


No question really, I'm with SS on this.

Do I get a free pen for completing the survey?


At 3/9/05 9:22 pm, Blogger carl said...



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