Sunday, August 07, 2005

Somewhere In The City Where The Air Is Still...

If you only go and see one show at the Edinburgh Festival, then you really aren’t getting out enough. The official opening of the festival is today but I’m sorry to have to tell you that the best show has already come and gone.

Last night in a small, sweaty, fire hazard of a venue, Roddy Frame, legendary Scottish singer songwriter and one time leader of (even more) legendary Scottish band Aztec Camera, played a storming set of old songs and new. It’s difficult to imagine any other solo artist producing such a powerful performance with just his songs, voice and an acoustic guitar for company.

I’ve said it before, here in fact, but there’s no such thing as an average Roddy Frame song. If you don’t have any of his work in your collection, then you really aren’t getting out to the record store often enough. Start with this one and then move on to here. I guarantee you musical pleasure. And if you don’t like it, then you can always go to the festival and see a couple of Australian guys recreate the Mona Lisa with their dicks. Seriously.


At 8/8/05 6:22 pm, Blogger carl said...

Roddy Frame is alot of fun to listen too. As for the 2 dudes and the Mona Lisa--no wonder she smiles...

At 9/8/05 4:31 pm, Blogger DC said...


Is there no limit to the number of "small sweaty scottish venues" you go to see past-it has beens who can't even manage to put together a proper band ? Did I ever tell you I knew a bloke who was in the same class as Sir Roderick ?

Good link thingies , but I would suggest or Blah .com might be better value. I've just purchased Frank's - For Only The Lonely & The King's - Gravelands - for a matter of pennies ( from heaven ).

Edinburgh Festival !!!! Overrated- good for socialising , shows ,arts & such like, but I'm still damaged after years of staying & working in the great City & having to put up with street performers & leaflet hander-outers getting in the way of my legitimate business !!!!! And as for the 10000's of tourists clogging up the place , don't get me started !!!!!

Yours in the arts,


At 9/8/05 4:35 pm, Blogger DC said...


I forgot to wish you good luck for your one-man guitar , voice puppet & mime show.



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