Friday, July 22, 2005

Tartan Shorts 11

Film Of The Week: “Festival” I was the only person in the cinema at noon on Monday (should I read something into that?) to see this amusing little film about an eclectic cast of characters and their equally eclectic adventures during the Edinburgh International Arts Festival. It was written and directed by Annie Griffin who penned weird Channel 4 drama, “The Book Group” a few years ago. As a fan of that I was expecting sharp dialogue, despicable characters, shocking language and gratuitous sex. I wasn’t disappointed.

Weird Internet Link Of The Week: I unashamedly stole this link from another website and wasn’t sure whether to gasp in horror or laugh uncontrollably at the sight of two kids listing the seven words you CAN’T say in kindergarten. Mental.

Book Of The Week: “Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince” The sixth volume in the series and very entertaining as always. Not so great as to make the midnight queuing and over-the-odds pricing worthwhile though. I won’t spoil the plot but it’s safe to say that Harry losing his virginity out in the woods was a bit of an eye opener. And to Ron! I didn't see THAT coming! No wonder the Pope’s dissin’ all the wizardry and stuff. And no wonder it's called the Forbidden Forest.

TV Programme Of The Week: “The Amazing Race” US reality show where couples race around the world, amazingly, to try and win the first prize of a million bucks. It sounds cheap and tacky but it’s really, REALLY addictive, especially when it’s shown daily rather than weekly and at 1pm which is right between my morning and afternoon naps. And the annoying couple from “Survivor” didn’t win. Ha, ha, ha!

Golfing Hero Of The Week: Not, as you might rightly assume, Tiger Woods for winning the Open Championship at a canter but instead, my Dad for (almost) single-handedly controlling the 200,000+ spectators who descended on St. Andrews to see the action. Here he is holding back the hoards at the most famous green on the most famous hole on the most famous golf course during the most famous tournament in the world. I think the other side of his sign says “No Cameras” which he very coolly ignored as I took out my camera and snapped this picture. Quickly.


At 22/7/05 3:24 pm, Blogger The Other Half said...

harry loses his virginity? oh my, haven't read a single one yet...but i must go get it now! ;-) (sarcasm)

At 22/7/05 11:13 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Get the illustrated version then!!

At 23/7/05 1:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Nancy thinks she saw your dad on TV last Friday. I thought Keith told me Bill would be on the 15th hole, so I missed him.

Come back to Austin soon for more BBQ and sunsets at the Oasis.

Butch and Nancy


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