Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Love Is In The Air...

…EVERYWHERE I look around!!!

Summer’s here and the time is right, apparently, for copulating in the street.

Last night I went through to Glasgow to see U2 spread their universal message of peace, love, understanding and easy solutions for ending world poverty, through the medium of rock ‘n roll. The gig was good (not a patch on previous efforts) but entertaining nonetheless and Scotland provided a gorgeous evening for their show. Being the longest day of the year, there was still a vast amount of daylight around until about 20 minutes before the end of the concert, somewhat ruining the extravagant, multi-million dollar light show.

Anyway, when I woke at the crack of eleven this morning I was still high on the emotions of brotherly love and justice for all that going to see a bunch of billionaire Irish rock stars can evoke. Imagine my surprise then at the sight that greeted me when I shuffled out to the back garden (in my new slippers) to have my first cigarette of the day.

It seems that all the creatures in God’s… eh… I mean Bono’s kingdom are, as the great man would say, at “One” with the world. These two little snails (now known as Pamela and Tommy) were in the throws of what I can only describe as frantic lovemaking. With not a second to lose (in case they spotted me and made a dash for the undergrowth) I sprinted back inside the house and flew up the stairs (not easy in big slippers) to grab my camera and capture this sublime moment for the world. I say ‘moment’ but the five hour video version will appear shortly on

It is indeed a beautiful day.


At 22/6/05 1:25 pm, Blogger DC said...


still single?

let's see the new slippers then.


At 23/6/05 8:01 am, Blogger carl said...

Good gawd! It's Prince Charlie and his new wife!

At 23/6/05 11:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now, now Tom. Don't insult the snails!

Stuart S

At 9/8/05 8:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

U2 have been in Barce the last few nights but tis bin a sham, cos even their family couldint get in cos it was such a mess.Dem feckin Barckers, as I like to call em, are all nuts and snotty to boot, and tis no wunder dat all me friends here is forrin. Not least, irish like mesel. Ah sure dere´s no fixin if it aint broke, wha´!
You´ll be proud o me. Any fecker wearin a butchers´apron near me gets a little whisper in the ear " I find that offensive, and i know where you live". Hehehe.Strikin terror inta de heart of Barce.Fanny-tastic!


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