Friday, June 17, 2005

Fly Like Gleneagles

In the run up to the G8 summit at Gleneagles in a few weeks time, one of my favourite related news stories appeared in The Independent last week. It was a serious piece (I think) outlining the scale of the security operation that will be put in place for the July summit but it ended with a slightly surreal (and typically British) consequence of the world turning it’s attention on Scotland.

There was no hint of this ending as the article commenced…

For several days before the VIPs arrival, a number of roads around the hotel and area will be closed to traffic and all but local residents who have been issued with a special pass to enable them to move more freely inside the exclusion zone.”

Exclusion zones – no problem for us Brits, eh Maggie?

A physical barrier of more than 10,000 panels stretching more than five miles is also being erected along the boundary of the hotel. Closed circuit television cameras are being installed along the six-feet high wire mesh fence, which is to be camouflaged on the inside so that delegates don't have to look at a ring of steel. Frequent patrols by police and private security personnel up to and during the summit will be reinforced by military back-up inside the cordon.”

How many security personnel you ask? Read on.

More than 10,000 police officers are expected to be on call during the summit and the days leading up to it when hundreds of thousands of demonstrators are expected to stage a series of protests in Edinburgh, at the nuclear submarine base at Faslane on the Clyde and around the summit venue. Security will be further tightened by up to 2,000 US Marines who will be flown in from an aircraft carrier to secure a 30-mile zone around Prestwick airport.”

And the explosive conclusion to the article…

The (demonstrators) march has unexpectedly upset Scotland's cricket team's plans for qualifying in the World Cup in 2007. The wicketkeeper, Colin Smith, is a policeman who will have to work.”

Now THAT’S an exclusive.


At 17/6/05 12:40 pm, Anonymous Wee Man said...

Check out the local paper from the area - the Perthshire Advertiser. Obviously G8 on the doorstep is too much for them to cover. Whilst reporting on the security measures in place they advised that the local 'bobbies' in Auchterarder and Aberuthven would be more visible and were being provided (at a cost to the taxpayer) with a bike. The comedy gold of this story is in the fact that it was A bike. I'm sure the protesters are shi***ng themselves at this level of security - two 'bobbies' sharing a bike !! Now that is exclusive.

At 18/6/05 3:32 am, Blogger carl said...

So where does apoliceman keep his 'wicket?' And I can see the headline now: Bobby Bike Missing, US Prez Rides 2 Wheeler at G8 Summit.

At 22/6/05 1:39 pm, Blogger DC said...


I've seen the fencing - truely spectactular - never seen a local plod though. Is PC 213 involved in G8 ,or is this info only available to those at the highest level in Auchterarder.Any truth in what I've heard on the street that he's ," taking time off ", following allegations that he beat up on 2 young tourists from the US,simply because he " didnae like the look 'o them, ken ?"



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