Friday, July 01, 2005

There Can Be Only One

Tomorrow, all roads lead to Scotland for the most important global event in a generation. Some might go so far as to say it’s the most important global event EVER while others might just snort indignantly and poo poo the whole shebang. What is certain is that very few will get a restful sleep tonight and as the dawn breaks, heartbeats will accelerate and bowel movements will accelerate also.

It is, of course, the 16th annual Bank of Scotland Training Centre (RIP) Open Golf Championship to be contested on the fine links of Kinross Golf Club (Red Course). But why read (or indeed, write) about it here when there’s a whole galaxy full of coverage to be had at the website below. Player interviews, past champions, dodgy outfits, on-line betting and more. If this is the kind of thing you like, then this'll be the kind of thing you like. Enjoy.


At 4/7/05 12:47 am, Blogger carl said...

...and Now I understand why they call golfers, duffers...

At 5/7/05 10:24 am, Blogger DC said...


does the lack of an update on this confirm that you didn't come close?


At 5/7/05 10:27 am, Blogger Neil said...

Correct! I'm far too busy typing up The Signals songbook

At 9/8/05 9:57 pm, Blogger Green Glass Beads said...

Heya Neil,
I have renewed my blog and started one on Barcelona, if yer bored enough to drop by!xxSai


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