Sunday, July 31, 2005

Holy Shit! It's A Bleedin' Miracle!

After several days of what can only be described as inclement Scottish summer weather, the sun returned for a while this afternoon and sent me rushing to the freezer for pineapple iced lollies. Imagine my surprise then when I peeled off the wrapper and found not one but two sticks shoved up the “arse” of the aforementioned lolly.

While this may not be on a par with a weeping Madonna or the face of God etched in a piece of toast, I believe it has truly miraculous qualities. Visualise, if you will, Jesus having missed his last three hairdressing appointments, standing with his back to you while he does his stand up routine with loaves and fishes and hey presto… here you have it!

I’m sure the Lazeruses among you out there would pay handsomely for this rare artifact so before I let the sinners on Ebay run amok in the temple, shall we start the bidding at, say £500?


At 1/8/05 1:57 pm, Blogger McSporran said...

Sorry to be a party pooper but "double stick" lollies are freely available now from a number of companies.
Silly Boy

At 1/8/05 3:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a lolly out the same box which only had one stick so was I cheated!?!

At 1/8/05 8:09 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Party-poopin', cone-suckin', HEATHEN! It's a miracle I tell ya, a MIRACLE!

At 2/8/05 1:14 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not so sure I'd trust you to deliver if you put it up on eBay. Keith and I are still waiting for our KitKats.


At 3/8/05 7:50 pm, Blogger carl said...

Great as a splint to hold up that middlefinger when it gets tired too, eh?

At 9/8/05 8:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now you know where to stick yer lolly. Harhar. Oh dear. I is not even gonna sign this one but you know which saddo wrote this comment. Please forgive me.


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