Saturday, August 20, 2005

Any Excuse For A List

According to the counter thingmyjig on Blogger’s complicated ‘dashboard’ page after I log on, 99 posts have been made to this site since it erupted, Alien-like, from the belly of it’s host last January. This then, by my rough calculations, is the 100th post and time, I think, for a list.

I’ve noticed quite a few bloggers have a penchant for compiling “100 things about me” lists; stuff like “I love cats” and “I hate injustice” or even “I despise people who use words like ‘penchant’” but I’ve decided on a slightly different tack.

So, presented below, in no particular order, are my nominations for the 100 coolest things in the world. Ever. I’ll probably think of another 100 cooler things next week but what the hell.

1. Blue Brazil football strip.
2. Breakfast tacos and bloody marys.
3. Kenny Dalglish.
4. “Cheers”
5. Being an uncle.
6. Playing in a cool, rockin’ rock ‘n roll band.
7. The West Sands in St. Andrews. In winter.
8. Football cards in the spokes of a bicycle wheel.
9. Denim jackets.
10. The Ryder Cup.
11. Thai cuisine.
12. The Spiderman ride at Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure.
13. The lightsaber.
14. Mix tapes.
15. Making a child smile.
16. The road to Skye.
17. (Very) Special Agent Dana Scully.
18. “Northern Exposure”
19. The spy kit from Warlord comic.
20. Tetris.
21. Adidas Samba training shoes.
22. Highland Park malt whisky.
23. The Grand Canyon at sunrise.
24. Pizza.
25. Indiana Jones.
26. Rope swings.
27. Deserted, dew covered golf courses.
28. Top Cat.
29. Irish accents.
30. Writing songs.
31. Riding (on top of) an elephant.
32. Mistletoe at the school Christmas disco.
33. Winching.
34. Angel Delight.
35. Jenny Agutter.
36. Kilts.
37. Super Sudoku.
38. The Apollo Theatre, Glasgow. (R.I.P.)
39. The Inca Trail(s).
40. BB Camps.
41. Volkswagen Scirocco. (Coulda been a flux capacitor contender.)
42. Afternoon naps.
43. Tim & Dawn in “The Office”.
44. Heinz Salad Cream.
45. Kingsbarns.
46. Scoring a goal from outside the box.
47. Drinking shirts. (Shirts to wear to go drinking.)
48. A-cappella singing in the underpass after WAY too many beers.
49. Tendon-ripping hopping contests after WAY too many beers.
50. Stella Artois.
51. The Beatles.
52. Blue jeans, black t-shirt.
53. Monument Valley at sunset.
54. “The Flashing Blade” (Dubbed, school holiday tv classic)
55. Ice cream vans.
56. Black & white photographs.
57. Billy’s Boots from Tiger comic… or was it Scorcher?
58. Jack Nicklaus.
59. New Zealand pies.
60. The Very Best of The Signals
61. Lucky Bags filled with sherbet, licorice and lollipops. (My granny used to somehow magically insert a threepenny bit in the ones she gave us. Amazing!)
61. Christmas carols.
62. The “shooey” (80s dance phenomenon)
63. The Wheatsheaf (Best pub in Falkirk.)
64. Driving across America.
65. Bungee jumping.
66. Aragon.
67. Three point swish from ‘downtown’.
68. Making a woman laugh.
69. Making a woman miaow. (©Billy Crystal)
70. The Anstruther Fish Bar.
71. Nicknames.
72. Seeing Charlie Nicholas in his prime score two at Ibrox.
73. Cadbury’s chocolate buttons.
74. “The Banana Splits”
75. Late afternoon drinking and bullshit on a Greek island beach with your mates.
76. The Golden Boot award.
77. Eddie Shoestring.
78. The Haymarket Bar.
79. Meeting Sting.
80. Meeting Tigger.
81. “The Sopranos”
82. Spectacular lightning storms.
83. Wooly hats.
84. The Guinness Book of British Hit Singles/Albums.
85. Sequels which are better than the original. (see Buzz & Woody)
86. The Carnegie Deli.
87. Connect 4.
88. Getting a tattoo in Greenwich Village.
89. Black and red digital watches.
90. Steve McQueen.
91. “The Jungle Book”
92. My nephews and nieces.
93. The Northern Lights.
94. Seeing the Space Shuttle take off.
95. A fireplace with a real fire.
96. Lists.
97. Trivial Pursuit.
98. Texas barbeque.
99. The Millennium Falcon.
100. Holing the winning putt to secure victory for your pals on your 40th birthday - priceless.


At 21/8/05 4:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neil -

I'm very surprised that "afternoon naps" hasn't already made the published list.


At 21/8/05 4:52 pm, Blogger Neil said...

They will!!!

At 21/8/05 7:10 pm, Blogger DC said...


I presume suggestions are to be welcomed- here's some from me -

- DC

- Pies

- do'nuts

- meals-for-one

- drinking shirts

- Bracklin Falls " Leap of Death " Callander

_ -The Wheatsheaf

- Old Jock Ale

Please feel free to use any of the above - I may even suggest more !


At 21/8/05 9:31 pm, Blogger McSporran said...

Sorry but...



Number one surely!!!

Also the Champions League final 2005 as surely the coolest comeback in football history

At 22/8/05 11:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Neil,

That spy kit from Warlord comic was mine, ya bas!!

Have you still got it?


At 22/8/05 6:58 pm, Blogger Neil said...

That's classified information - if I told you I'd have to kill you.

Next, of course, you'll be claiming the tricycle with the box on the back was yours too... and that you were first to get the yellow Leeds strip with the Admiral logos down the sleeve?

At 23/8/05 6:51 am, Blogger carl said...

A most outstanding list...wish I had thought of it first. You da man! Do you have a nickname yet?

At 23/8/05 7:38 am, Blogger Neil said...

I just thought of another one... Coca Cola, but only when it's ice cold and ONLY when it comes in the original glass bottle.

For nicknames, check out the newly hyperlinked entry.

At 23/8/05 12:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, you kept my Warlord spy kit in the box on the back of your tricycle, eh? Yes, I was always jealous of that, as my therapist can confirm. The wicker basket on the back of my tricycle just didn't cut it on the mean streets of Bishopbriggs. And yes, you had the Leeds strip but then I was the first with the Scotland goalies top with the diamonds on the sleeve.


At 23/8/05 11:11 pm, Blogger Beaver said...

Nice entry :) but I would have preferred a more blatantly egotistical post !

Hang in there !

At 24/8/05 5:53 pm, Blogger DC said...


Isn't 5 - Being an uncle, the same as 92 - My neices and nephews ?

I note that " Being Single " doesn't appear to feature - anything to report ?


At 25/8/05 5:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woohoo! My entire nation does be after havin´ bin green-bootedly, bellyslappinly delirrah since we made it ontcher list! Burreh... wharrabou that mountain in Peru Sexy Woman, and wharrabou the legwarmers ye bought in Fiji?Like dem fame lads?
I vote for scissors and lighters wid red lights on dend of dem. In fact I´m off to go an enjoy mine now.xx


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